Saturday, 3 October 2009

Wapassou - Salammbo (1977)

Wapassou were a unique french band in that they had no drummer and created a spacey ethereal classical tinged electric progressive rock with synths and violin at the fore. On occasions there are some very nice female vocals too.

What is striking about "Wapassou" is there very individual sound. I can't think of anyone else who sounds quite like them.

Incorporating elements of RIO, progressive rock and classical rock with folky tinges makes there mixes very grandiose and distinct.

"Salammbo" with it's "Gustav Dore" album design is one of there best yet not often cited as so. Just 2 long flowing tracks that are very illuminating and uplifting.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Salammbo Part 1 (18:04)
2. Salammbo Part 2 (19:05)

Total Time: 37:09

Line-up / Musicians
- Freddy Brua / keyboards
- Jacques Lichti / violin
- Karen Nickerl / guitars

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