Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Present- Barbaro (Ma Non Tropo) (2009)

Progressive music of the 21st or 22nd century. This album sees Presents music going full cycle back to there 'Triskaidekaphobie' days , which merges the best of that album to say 'Universe Zero's ' Heatwave.

The addition of sax and cello really adds another dimension and Trigaux's guitar is very tight.

This is dense and dark RIO/ Zeuhl/ Avant Rock fusion at it's best with never a dull moment and definitely there best album since there debut. The complexities here are amazing. A masterpiece!!!

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Vertiges (16:25)
2. A Last Drop (11:25)
3. Jack The Ripper (16:22)

Line-up / Musicians -

 Roger Trigaux- guitars,keyboards
-Reginald Trigaux- guitar
-Pierre Chevalier- piano,keyboards
- Dave Kerman- drums,percussion
-Kieth Macksoud- bass
-Matthieu Safatly- cello
-Pierre Desassis- saxaphone
-Udi Koorman- sound
-Laurent Van Gorp- tube

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Monday, 23 August 2010

Jade Warrior - Kites ( 1976 )

The asian/ oriental elements are more present on 'Kites' and on the whole is more like there 'previous 'Floating World' album with it's subtle and sometimes more intense instrumental ambient fusion . 

The 'King Crimson' influence is very apparent.

The second side of 'Kites' is one long suite and is one of this recordings highlights.

Another excellent album!

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Songs of the forest (3:30) 

2. Wind song (3:25) 
3. The Emperor kite (2:21) 
4. Wind borne (7:32) 
5. Kite song (2:20) 
6. Land of the warrior (3:29) 
7. Quietly by the river bank (4:35) 
8. Arrival of the Emporer: "What does the venerable sir do?" (2:27) 
9. Teh Ch'eng: "Do you understand this?" (1:08) 
10. Arrival of Chia Shan: discourse and liberation (0:53) 
11. Towards the mountains (2:04) 
12. The last question (2:37) 

Line-up / Musicians
- Tony Duhig / guitars, percussion 

- Jon Field / percussion, flutes 
- Roger Bryson / piano (3-7) 
- Fred Frith / violins (9)
- Pete Gibson / brass (1-4) 
- Coldridge Goode / bass (4)
- Debbie Hall / violin (2-3) 
- Graham Morgan / drums (3-7)
- Joe O'Donnell / violins (10) 
- Clodagh Simmons / girl's choir (1-2) 
- Jeff Westley / electric piano (4) 
- Willie / snare & bass drums (1) 

The String Quartet (3-7)

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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Electric Orange - Krautrock From Hell ( 2010 )

The latest release from these  german krautrockers, and a really great one too deserving of a track by track synopsis.

'Bandwurm' has rock solid bass and drums with swirling organ and effects diving in and out of the mix. A fantastic psychedelic track whch is really out there.

'Sundoa'  starts off kind of space boogeish with some great flute , reminds me a little of some 'Brainticket' with its psychedelic eastern flavor. Incidentally this has a remarkably similar riff in the middle to Bo Hanssons ' The sun ' from his 'Magician Hat' album. Superb track here ! .

'Chorg' is another spellbinding psychedelic rock track which incidentally is totally diferent to say ' Ozric Tentacles' ..... nowhere near as flashy and far more inventive. Electric orange never go in for hi flying guitar solo's which makes there music in my opinion more standout. This track is a fine example. Probably my favourite track this one!

'Hers' starts off very spaced out with guitar feedback and electronics. With vocals on this track it reminds me of some 'Porcupine Tree'.

'Kunstkopf' starts in a similar vein with swirly organ, rolling drums and guitar. Definitely some 'Can' influence here and a touch 'Pink Floyd'.

'Neuronomican' is the longest piece on the album, clocking in at over twenty five minutes. This again has some 'Porcupine Tree' even ' Anglagard'  type sound with it's intense progressive rock structures juxtaposed against more subtle psychedelic moments. Some bizzare vocals in here too! This is a remarkably hypnotic piece which builds in power and strangeness.

'Wumloch' is the most improvisationally  psychedelcly spaced track which surprisingly sounds for the most part like some early 'Tangerine Dream' Aka 'Electronic Meditation'.

Classic album then on the whole and almost as good as ' Morbeus'.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Bandwurm (5:44)
2. Sundos (5:00)
3. Chorg [Cpt. Gyrok's] (10:51)
4. Hers (9:38)
5. Kunstkopf (6:29)
6. Neuronomicon (25:02)
7. Wurmloch (15:40)

Total Time: 78:24

Line-up / Musicians

- Dirk Bittner / guitars, voice, percussion, tapes
- Dirk Jan Müller / organ, synthesizer, piano, mellotron, tapes
- Tom Rückwald / bass
- Georg Monheim / drums, percussion
- Josef Ahns / guitars, flutes

Friday, 20 August 2010

Jade Warrior - Way of The Sun (1978)

There last album for the Island label and certainly ranking as one of the best.

The south american influence on this album is very strong and there are some splendid instrumental passages akin to some early Santana.

'Death Of Ra' is particularly outstanding.

A classic!!

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Sun Ra
2. Sun child
3. Moontears
4. Heaven stone
5. Way of the sun
6. River song
7. Carnival
8. Dance of the sun
9. Death of RaLine-up / Musicians
- Tony Duhig / guitars, percussion
- Jon Field / percussion, flutes
- Dick Cuthell / flugel horn (1)
- John Dentith / drums (1-7)
- Skalia Kanga / harp (2)
- Graham Morgan / drums (8)
- Bill Smith / bass (7)
- Godfrey, Kuma and Alan / drums & bass congas (5)
- Gowan Turnbull / sax (7)

Jade Warrior - Death of Ra

Jade Warrior - Sun Ra & Sun Child

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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Eloy - Ocean (1977)

Often touted as Eloys best album. I fail to think so myself. Excellent moments musically yes,  but for me there are far too many vocals / lyrics which detracts somewhat.

Still a great album though if not one one of my favourites and probably a good starting point for anyone not familiar with this band.

Songs / Tracks ListingLine-up / Musicians
- Frank Bornemann / guitars, vocals 
- Klaus-Peter Matziol / basses, vocals 
- Jürgen Rosenthal / drums, percussion, flute 
- Detlev Schmidtchen / keyboards, mellotron, xylophone, voice 
- The Boys Of Santiago / chorus (1)

Eloy-Incarnation Of Logos (Ocean)

Eloy - Voyager of the Future Race

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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Beggars Opera - Waters Of Change (1971)

Probably Beggars Opera's best album, it's certainly my favourite of theres.

A progressive rock music delight with excellent compositions , vocals and instrumentation. 

A big step on from there debut in maturiity ,and definitely not so much influenced by the classics as the precedingt album was.

Songs / Tracks Listing
Side 1 

1. Time Machine (6:00) 
2. Lament (2:24) 
3. I've no Idea (7:42) 
4. Nimbus (3:43) 
Side 2 
5. Festival (6:00) 
6. Silver Peacock (Intro)(1:15) 
7. Silver Peacock (6:33) 
8. Impromptu (1:08) 
9. The Fox (6:52)

Total Time: 41:37

Line-up / Musicians
- Ricky Gardiner / lead guitar, vocals, acoustic guitar 

- Martin Griffiths / lead vocal, Cow Bell 
- Alan Park / organ, piano 
- Gordon Sellar / bass and acoustic guitar, vocals 
- Virginia Scott / Mellotron, vocals 
- Raymond Wilson / percussion

Beggars Opera - Time Machine (1971)

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Monday, 16 August 2010

Heldon - Only Chaos Is Real (1998)

A curious and surprisingly different album from Heldon here,which has little of there typical sound except for Richard Pinhas's guitars and electronics.

Surprisingly this is much more punk/acid/ heavy metal styled with vocals that seem totally out of place. There is however one or two gems in here, notably ' Le Plan' which is very much like a track from Pinhas's 'L Ethique' album  - say 'Dedicated to KC'. Great wails of frippian guitar and crimson drives with magma like bass and pounding drums are at the forefront here...... shame about the vocals though, although thankfully only sparse. 

There's some really good moments elsewhere as on ' Ubik'   (shades of Can here!)  but nearly all the tracks are really spoiled by the vocals in my opinion.

True Heldon fans beware!

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Only chaos is real (4:50)
2. Les Racines du mal (5:02)
3. Le Plan (8:42)
4. Holy Dolly (7:55)
5. Brighter than a thousand suns (6:05)
6. Next level (7:07)
7. Mutant monkey (5:42)
8. Ubik (7:07)
9. Last level (7:20)

Total Time: 60:03
Bonus CD:
1. Raw Power in Paris 1998
2. Brighter than a thousand suns
3. Only chaos is real
4. Les Racines du mal
Line-up / Musicians

- David Korn / vocals
- Antoine Paganotti / drums
- Olivier Manchion / bass guitar
- Norman Spinrad / lyrics and additional vocals
- Maurice G. Dantec / lyrics, analog synthesizers
- Richard Pinhas / guitar metatronic process & electronic

- Alain Ranval / side guitar on "Holy Dolly"
- Duncan Nilsson / side guitar on "Holy Dolly"
- Bernard Paganotti / bass guitar on "Le Plan", "Ubik"
- Benoît Widemann / organ, synths, Minimoog bass
- Alain Bellaïche / side guitar on "Ubik"
- Philippe Laurent / electroloop on "Only Chaos is Real"

Le Plan

Heldon - Only Chaos Is Real

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Passport - Passport On Stage (2008)

A very fine double disc set of Klaus Doldingers Passport live on stage.

 A top notch recording here with excellent versions of all tracks old and new, with the added bonus of his 'Das Boot' soundtrack theme.

Classic band - classic live album!.

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Klaus Doldinger, Passport Live - Tarantula

Track List
01 ataraxia 6:52
02 the cat from katmandu 07:33
03 riyad el cadi 07:08
04 yellow dream 05:11
05 samba cinema 06:25
06 after hours 08:02
07 bellydance 04:50
08 will-o'the-wisp 07:06
09 soul town 04:08

01 das boot 08:32
02 waltz of the jive cats 04:49
03 viva brasilia 06:18
04 liebling kreuzberg 05:22
05 lucky loser 06:25
06 missing you 07:08
07 ball the jack 06:11
08 allemande deux 07:21
09 tatort 07:32
10 fifty years later 10:57
11 what's new 07:31

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