Sunday, 25 October 2009

Songs Between - Cities and Waterfalls (1992)

Swedish multi-instrumentalis Lach'n (Lars) Jonsson is closely associated with the Bauta label and its staple of bands, including Zut Un Feu Rouge, and most recently,Förträngt Hushållsarbete. He has released two solo albums in the 1980s, both containing avant-rock music in typical Bauta fashion. Note, that the first one,Music For The Dying Forest, has been released under the J. Lachen moniker.

With just 4 tracks this is a very rare 500 copy EP limited addition with "Chris cutler" on drums and two other members besides "Jonsson".

"Platser somn och Fortsattning" opens with a heady heavy mix of "Henry Cow" like RIO. With it's excellent vocals and drums this is outstanding stuff!

"Rostrytmer" has extraordinary vocals and avant chaotic blasts from crashing drums and violin / bass etc.Very unusual to say the least. The vocals sound like some bizarre Kobaian Tuvan throat vocalist gone crazy! Superb track here!! A real spine tingler if ever i heard one!!!

"Songs Between" is similarly strange with violin and percussives dominating. Another classic heavy doomladen track with terrific drums and zeuhl elements.!

"Chansonnier Cange" closes in more mellow fashion based on some 13th Century Song which sounds very folksy/ritualistic with violin and vocals.

A fantastic and very obscure album here. This has some quite extraordinary music on this disc. An avant/ zeuhl/ RIO fans dream!!

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