Saturday, 31 October 2009

Halloween - Le Festin ( 2001)

With a guest female vocalist this makes "Le Festin" a little different to previous "Halloween" releases.

A touch lightly ethereal zeuhl styled in parts with the female vocals amidst the more dramatic sections. This is once again another excellent prog rock album which hearkens back to there earlier "Laz" record, in part, but not as classic. More on the darker side and varied but also with alternatively shifting moods which this band excells at.

The lovely female vocals certainly add another color to there pallette. Check out "Neurotic" below.

"Scheherezade" is another standout with the ethnic/ eastern sounding guitar. This is a very nice change of direction on this piece and probably my favourite track.

"Coma" has some extraordinarily heavy moments which pulses and pounds with some excellent jazzy guitar.

"Halloween" are certainly a band to watch with every anticipated release.

HALLOWEEN Le Festin music reviews and MP3

Halloween - Neurotic

New Gibraltar HALLOWEEN
One of the very best new French bands. While Laz their second has been hailed as a classic by some, I wouldn't go this far. It is excellent, but has some rather dull moments that leave this one hanging a bit short. If you didn't like it, than don't bother with their first either!
Crimson influenced french band that has a penchant for creating eerie tunes, sometimes with frightening-sounding vocals. The first album was merely OK, but the second one Laz really rips: Check out the track "Iron Mickey" on side two for proof true. One of the better current french bands.
Halloween is one of the newer French progressives, contemporaries of bands like Minimum Vital and Tiemko. I have their 1990 release titled Laz. Their influences are varied, but I do hear some Pulsar. Perhaps the band took their name from Pulsar's classic album, Halloween. There is some excellent, contemporary guitar playing, as well as excellent keyboard work, vociferous violin, and tasteful bass. In addition to the Pulsar, there is, at least superficially, some similaries to Minimum Vital and especially Tiemko's excellent release, Ocean. For the most part, however, the music sounds pretty original to my ears, often being very atmospheric in nature rather than solos against a backdrop of instrumentation. I believe the vocals are in English but they aren't found very often. Very well done and highly recommended.
Merlin is a superb third production from this French band. Hear four excellent musicians share violin, guitars, basses, keyboards, lute, drums, percussions, vocals. Also add participation by two string quartets (strings and winds) as well as guests on voice and flute. This impressive production offers inventive music and a variety of arrangements that range from chamber music to heavy symphonic, to jazz-rock fusion. Medieval themes are developed in music, song and words (in French) in the format of a captivating suite. The richness of this music dictates sustained attention by the listener. -- Paul Charbonneau

Os Mundi - Latin Mass (1970)

First rate early eclectic German prog rock / krautrock band from Germany who's debut album is really excellent but was improved upon by there second release "43 Minuten".

Psychedelic moments one minute with rockier sections the next. One can hear some elements from "Tangerine Dreams" "Electronic Meditation" album, and there's more than a nod to some "Amon Duul II". I'm also reminded of some "Out Of Focus" with the lead guitar.

This is quite a heady mixture from an early Krautrock band. Well worth the listen.

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OS MUNDI Latin Mass music reviews and MP3

Os Mundi - 06 - Sanctus

Os Mundi - 07 - Agnus Dei

Henry Cow - Western Culture (2001)

One of "Henry Cow's" finest if not best releases.

This sounds so close to "Univers Zero" especially there "Ceux du Dehors" album. Very complex structures which are cohesively spellbinding.

A fantastic RIO album with hints of Zeuhl from this legendary band.

HENRY COW music, discography, MP3, videos and reviews

HENRY COW Western Culture (Remastered) music reviews and MP3

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Friday, 30 October 2009

Atlantis - Philharmonic (1974)

For only a duo this cleveland based outfit from the USA created a great full sounding one off progressive rock album. There's hints of King Crimson, with the mellotron and at other times a little Atomic Rooster and Deep Purple with the hammond organ and guitar riffs. There's also a hint of "Caravan" too.

Check out the wonderful "Fly The Night" being slightly folksy with great hooks. Also "Atlas" which is like a more progressive "Black Sabbath ". Excellent!

This is mostly a real gem to come from the USA. A splendid mix of songs and instrumentals.

ATLANTIS PHILHARMONIC music, discography, MP3, videos and reviews

ATLANTIS PHILHARMONIC Atlantis Philharmonic music reviews and MP3

Atlantis Philharmonic - Death Man - 1974 ( Cleveland,Ohio )

Solstice - Silent Dance (1984)

This is an excellent british prog rock album and probably "Solstices" best work. This literally roars emotive power and has a vocalist unbelievably sounding like "Jon Anderson" of "Yes". The lead guitar and violin definitely steal the show. Only slightly let down perhaps by some rather weak female vocals.

Check out "Brave New World" with the stunning guitar/ violin/ synth section in the second half.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Pollen - Pollen (1976)

This french-canadians sole studio album is certainly a lost masterwork of symphonic progressive rock from the 70's, which has elements of the very best of french and british progressives, such as "Atoll", "Carpe Diem" and "Genesis".

This is a very strong album indeed with very french vocals.
Check out "L indien" which is a staggeringly beautiful song with absolutely superb vocals! Truly sublime!!

With expertly composed and played songs with excellent ambiances combined with the more dramatic moments, this is an all round winner. I should imagine fans of "Genesis" would really love this album and also, to a lesser extent maybe "King Crimson" "Gentle Giant" and "Hatfield of the North". "Yes" fans will also find this album worth checking out for the "Steve Howe" like guitarwork. This is a stunning album!

Songs / Tracks Listing Side 1
1. Vieux corps de vie d´ange (7:11)
2. L´étoile (6:24)
3. L´indien (4:50)

Side 2
4. Tout l´temps (3:26)
5. Vivre la mort (5:28)
6. La femme ailée (10:30)

Line-up / Musicians

- Jacques Tom Rivest / vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, keyboards
- Sylvain Coutu / drums, vibraphone, percussion
- Claude Lemay / keyboards, flute, vibraphone, bass, vocals
- Richard Lemoyne / electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass

Pollen - L etoile

Pollen - L'indien

POPOL VUH Letzte Tage - Letzte Nächte (1976)

Germany's Popol Vuh pulled out all the stops on this album and went for a much more Krautrock approach than anything else previously heard , or indeed after.

This is a fantastic album which benefits from "Renate Knaup" on vocals and the dominating guitarwork of "Daniel Fichelscher" which lights up every piece.. Surprisingly "Florian Frickes" keyboards are very sparse on the ground.

This was the beginning of film director " Werner Herzog" partnerships which created those legendary soundtracks of the 70's.

An essential album!

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Der grosse Krieger (3:15)
2. Oh wie nah ist der Weg hinab (4:36)
3. Oh wie weit ist der Weg hinauf (4:30)
4. In deine Hände (3:00)
5. Kyrie (4:38)
6. Haram dei Raram dei Haram dei Ra (1:30)
7. Dort ist der Weg (4:30)
8. Letzte Tage ~ Letzte Nächte (4:20)

Total Time: 30:19

Line-up / Musicians
- Florian Fricke / piano
- Daniel Fichelscher / guitar, percussion
- Djong Yun / vocals
- Renate Knaup / vocals
- Al Gromer / sitar
- Ted De Jong / tamboura

Popol Vuh -Der Grosse Krieger

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Monday, 26 October 2009

Daniel Denis - Serius and The Ghosts (1991)

Fist solo album by "Univers Zero" "Present" drummer see's him playng in a similar darker style but sounding more synthesized but no less intense and sombre.

Notable guest appearence on most of the songs is " Dirk Descheemacker" on sax and clarinet.

This album should definitely not dissapoint ardent "UZ" fans although some might be surprised that there's only two tracks featuring "Daniel Denis" on drums. However this is a very fine album all in all even if maybe it doesn't come across as strong as "Univers Zero". Check out the track "A l'Ombre du Zed" though, this comes very close with the complexities, shrieking winds/ electric cello and marching feel. Actually this is a stunning piece and i really like the minimalist piano on "Eastwave" which is close to earlier "Art Zoyd". Excellent!

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Beyond the Mountains (9:52)
2. A l'Ombre du Zed (8:04)
3. Eastwave (5:34)
4. Sirius (6:52)
5. Strange Twist (7:37)
6. Fête souterraine (7:35)

Total Time: 45:34

Line-up / Musicians
- Daniel Denis /drums, percussion, keyboards
- Frederic de Roos / recorders
- Dirk Descheemaeker / soprano saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
- Michel Hatzigeorgiou / bass
- Jan Kuijken / acoustic and electric cellos
- Michel Hatzigeorgiou / bass
- Frederic DeRoos / recorders

A l'Ombre du Zed

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Songs Between - Cities and Waterfalls (1992)

Swedish multi-instrumentalis Lach'n (Lars) Jonsson is closely associated with the Bauta label and its staple of bands, including Zut Un Feu Rouge, and most recently,Förträngt Hushållsarbete. He has released two solo albums in the 1980s, both containing avant-rock music in typical Bauta fashion. Note, that the first one,Music For The Dying Forest, has been released under the J. Lachen moniker.

With just 4 tracks this is a very rare 500 copy EP limited addition with "Chris cutler" on drums and two other members besides "Jonsson".

"Platser somn och Fortsattning" opens with a heady heavy mix of "Henry Cow" like RIO. With it's excellent vocals and drums this is outstanding stuff!

"Rostrytmer" has extraordinary vocals and avant chaotic blasts from crashing drums and violin / bass etc.Very unusual to say the least. The vocals sound like some bizarre Kobaian Tuvan throat vocalist gone crazy! Superb track here!! A real spine tingler if ever i heard one!!!

"Songs Between" is similarly strange with violin and percussives dominating. Another classic heavy doomladen track with terrific drums and zeuhl elements.!

"Chansonnier Cange" closes in more mellow fashion based on some 13th Century Song which sounds very folksy/ritualistic with violin and vocals.

A fantastic and very obscure album here. This has some quite extraordinary music on this disc. An avant/ zeuhl/ RIO fans dream!!

Present - C.O.D Performance (1993)

After "Present" disbanded "Roger Trigaux" joined with son "Reginald" to form "Present C.O.D Performance"in the early 90's which eventually with "Daniel Denis" and friends became once gain "Present" On this album though it is just "Trigaux and son.

Starting with the strange "Love Scorn" we have pulsating intense guitars and doomladen lyrics/vocals. Kind of like a weirder darker Frippian trip. After 5 minutes screaming guitars start to wail in similar "Richard Pinhas" style which has an improvised feel, then all hell seems to break loose as we lurch into more familiar dark pounding guitar stabs "Trigaux" style. All this without any drums by the way, just a few percussives.

"Alone 1" is in a similar vein but far more melodic in parts. The guitar dialogues are excellent here as "Trigaux" and son bounce off each other shared intricate guitar patterns. A very absorbing and interesting piece which in parts ( as does "Alone 2" ) hearkens back to the classic "Promenade Au Fond D'un Canal" from "Triskaidekaphobie". I'm referring here to certain sections and the intense climax of that piece.

"Alone 2" which is the longest track closes the album in a similar vein to "Alone 1" Excellent guitars once again, and with vocals once again which returns the theme of the "Love Scorn" track .There's an even stronger guitar presence on this piece, all of which is very well executed. At the 14 minute mark the vocals and guitars become extremely intense with flanged lead guitars breaking loose. Unusually the climax actually veers more towards straighter rock All in all this is the best piece on the album.

If your a fan of "Univers Zero" "Present" ; more experimental RIO and Zeuhl styles and "Trigaux" then this is essential. A superb album!

1. Love Scorn (9.220
2 Alone 1 (14.28)
3 Alone 2 (49.03)

Total Time: 48:40

Line-up / Musicians
- Roger Trigaux / guitar, vocals, percussion
- Reginald Trigaux / guitar, vocals, percussion

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Friday, 23 October 2009

Jody Grind - Far Canal (1970)

Early UK prog group lead by keyboardist Tim Hinkley, who released two albums on the folk specialist label Transatlantic Records. The first album was kind of psychedelic brass-rock called "One Step On", the second (recorded with a completely different line-uo bar Hinkley) was more progressive and rock based entitled "Far Canal".

I had not heard this album for years until just recently, it's as good as i remembered it!

From the opener whch sounds like a cross between caravan and pink floyd you may not expect whats coming next. From then on in its mostly heavy progressive/psychedelic rock with guitar and organ dominating. There's hints of "Creams" "White Room" on one track and a touch black sabbath in some of the guitar solos. But overall this is not exactly mainstream rock. Every track has a uniqueness of its own which distinguishes "Jody Grind" from most other british bands, like "Hight Tide" for instance.

Note! - The twin guitar solos as on "Red Worms & Lice" are quite extraordinary as they mesh and meld in quite brilliant manner. Great organ work too.

The recording and music as a whole is excellent. Just a shame that the drum solo takes up most of the last track.

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. We've Had It (5:07)
2. Bath Sister (3:28)
3. Jump Bed Jed 7:14)
4. Paradiso (7:31)
5. Plastic Shit (7:18)
6. Vegetable Oblivion (2:09)
7. Red Worms & Lice (7:23)
8. Ballad For Bridget (3:42)

Total time 43:52

Bonus Track - Reissue

10. Rock N' Roll Man (4:18)
Line-up / Musicians
Tim Hinkley / Keyboards, Vocals
Pete Gavin / Drums
Bernie Holland / Guitar

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Dzyan - Dzyan (1972)

Dzyan's debut album is a really good blend of inventive jazz/rock, canterbury fusion.

Less jazzier than there other two albums. It all kicks off with the excellent "Emptiness" which goes through several changes with sax and bass/guitar / percussives - a touch early Passport maybe and Soft Machine here and there. The "Wisdom" is more unusually song structured but suffers from a rather weak guitar section.

"Hymn" is very bleak and "Back To Earth" spices things up with straight heavy rock guitar/bass and drums. "Foghats Work" and "Dragonsong" are my favourite tracks which definitely have some early "Magma" zeuhl elements especially with the vocals.

All in all not an easy album to get into with all the contrasts, and not on a par with there other two albums ( especially "Time Machine") this is nevertheless a very good listen on the whole if you want your jazz/rock more inventive and just plain different.


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Emptiness (9:39)
2. The bud awakes (2:57)
3. The wisdom (10:21)
4. Foghat's work (6:31)
5. Hymn (1:12)
6. Dragonsong (7:31)
7. Things we're looking for (1:52)
8. Back to Earth (4:11)

Total Time: 44:14

Line-up / Musicians
- Ludwig Braum / drums, percussion
- Gerd Ehrmann / saxophone
- Reinhard Karwatky / bass
- Harry Kramer / guitar
- Jochen Leuschner / percussion, lead vocals

Dzyan - The Wisdom

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Sloche - Stadacone (1976)

Another classic album from this canadian band. Probably less Gentle Giant sounding on this one with more of a Canterbury jazz / rock fusion and at times quite experimental as on "Il Faut Sauver Barbara" which has an early "Univers Zero" "1313" sound at times.

All in all exemplary musicianship from all concerned.The longer pieces give them more of a chance to stretch out. There's some nice vocals too, as on the title song and "Le Cosmophile".

Check out "Ad Hoc" for some geat guitar. This is a refreshingly superb listen every time. 

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Stadaconé (10:17)
2. Le Cosmophile (5:40)
3. Il Faut Sauver Barbara (4:16)
4. Ad Hoc (4:30)
5. La 'Baloune' de Varenkurtel au Zythogala (4:57)
6. Isacaaron (Le Démon Des Choses Sexuelles) (11:19)

Total Time: 40:59

Line-up / Musicians
- Réjean Yacola / keyboards
- Martin Murray / keyboards
- Caroll Bédard / guitars
- Pierre Hébert / bass
- André Roberge / drums & percussions
- Gilles Ouellet / celesta, percussions

Sloche - Le Cosmophile

Sloche - Ad Hoc

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Bo Hansson - Lord Of The Rings (1972)

What more can be said about "Bo Hanssons" timeless classic that has not already been said. This is wonderful beautifully atmospheric and colorful music.

The best pre - hollywood concept album ever!


Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Leaving shire (2:47)
2. The old forest / Tom Bombadil (3:42)
3. Fog on the barrow - Downs (2:28)
4. The black riders / Flight to the Ford (3:48)
5. At the house of Elrond / The ring goes South (4:23)
6. A journey in the dark (1:07)
7. Lothlórien (3:22)
8. Shadowfax (0:50)
9. The horns of Rohan / The battle of the Pelenmor fields (3:58)
10. Dreams in the houses of healing (1:50)
11. Homeward bound / The scouring of the shire (2:11)
12. The grey havens (4:56)
Total Time: 35:22
This was also released as "Sagan Om Ringen" in 1971 in Sweden.
Line-up / Musicians - Bo Hansson / organ, guitar, Moog synthesizer, bass

Guest musicians:
- Sten Brgman / flute
- Gunnar Bergsten / saxophone
- Rune Carlsson / drums, congas

Bo Hansson lord of the rings-At The House Of Elron

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

David Tibet & Steven Stapleton - Musical Pumpkin Cottage (1996)

A very rare recording.

Not usually associated with Krautrock this duo however excells in this area on side 1 of this disc. A fantastic lengthy side long groove of Krautrock at its best with driving bass, drums and electronics. There's also some strange spoken words which accompany this epic. A real treat.

"Bubblehead" is quite different being more sedate experimental electronica with sax which is more in the "Nurse with Wound" mold. Very bizzare gated vocals on this one!

For krautrockers "The Dead Side Of The Moon" is indispensable!

Track Listing
1 The Dead Side Of The Moon 21:59
2 Bubblehead 23:08

Univers Zero - Heatwave (1986)

Following on from there "Uzed" album Univers Zero continue in a similar vein here - at least on side one with the shorter tracks in dark experimental RIO territory. These pieces are all really excellent.

Side 2 is a different matter , at least in my books. "The Funeral Plain" is in my opinion there best piece ever, a side long epic treat which builds to such intensity ( much like "Magma's "De Futura") with furious drums , winds, piano etc marching in an utterly out of this world intensity, that it's quite literally earthshaking. This has to be heard to be believed - in my opinion "Univers Zero's" masterpiece.

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Heatwave (8:34)
2. Chinavox (4:49)
3. Bruit dans les murs (8:25)
4. The Funeral Plain (20:24)

Total Time: 42:12
Line-up / Musicians
- Michel Delory / guitar
- Daniel Denis / drums, percussion, voice
- Dirk Descheemaeker / clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano sax
- Christian Genet / bass, nailskake
- Patrick Hanappier / violin, viola
- Andy Kirk / piano, synthesizer, voice
- Jean-Luc Plouvier / piano, synthesizer, voice

Univers Zero - The funeral plain (pt.1)

Univers Zero - The funeral plain (pt.2)

Univers Zero - The funeral plain (pt.3)

Monday, 19 October 2009

Kraan - Kraan (1972)

The legendary German krautrockers first album and definitely one of there best.

This is splendid jazz/rock fusion with excellent guitar/bass and sax which could be psychedelic/ prog one minute and then rock with east/west variations the next.

Every track is great and one of the highlights is "Kraan Arabia" which has an arabian sound with the wonderfully unique sax playing of "Johannes Pappert" whilst as ever the brilliant rhythm guitar of "Peter Wolfbrandt" and the ever tight drums/ percussives and bass work weave there magic.

One of the best bands to come out of Germany, and this there debut is a masterwork

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Saras Ritt Durch Schwarzwald (6:23)
2. M.C.Escher (6:14)
3. Kraan Arabia (9:45)
4. Head (18:36)
5. Sara auf der Gansewies (2:01)

Total Time: 42:59
...Bonus tracks on EMI CD
6. Sarah's Ritt durch den Schwarzwald (Demo 1971)
7. M.C.Escher (Demo 1971)
8. Head (Demo 1971)
9. Sarah auf der Gänzwies (Demo 1971)
Line-up / Musicians
- Jan Fride / drums
- Hellmut Hattler / bass
- Johannes Pappert / Alto saxophone
- Peter Wolbrandt / guitar, vocals

Christian Genet and Jean-Luc Plouvier - Plaisirs Et Penitences (1990)

Christian Genet was initially bass player of Univers Zero and has ties with "Present" on there "Triskaidekaphobie" album, as does pianist "Jean- Luc Plouvier.

With a string of short pieces "Plaisirs" is very much in the "Univers Zero" mold although sparser sounding, and is a work for theatre/ pantomime.

A very rare album this one, but definitely worthy of your attention if your into the darker RIO experimental style. There's some absolutely fascinating sounds on some of these pieces and occasionally descends into "Peter Frohmader" territory. Check out "Bar Des Amis 1 "

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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Svenska Löd Ab! - Horselmat

A fantastic Swedish jazz fusion album with the very talented "Janne Schaeffer" ( he played sessions with Abba!) on guitar.

This is an extremely rare classic with superb Hammond organ and guitar stealing the show. It's not all jazz though. Checkout the rendition of the blues classic " Stormy Monday " on side 2.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Dark - Dark (1986)

A very esoteric recording from american drummer and percusionist "Mark Nauseef"

Joined by just a female vocalist "Catherine Guard" and bass payer "Mark London Sims" with another pecussionist and synth this is by no means as sparse sounding as it might seem. It's mostly very tripped out world fusion with strange atmospheres for the most part. The wordless vocal chants are quite captivating and on occasion resemble "Lisa Gerrard" of "Dead Can Dance"

A rare and highly impressive album with much uniqueness.

Songs/Track Listing

1 Du Reptile
2 Even Darker
3 Happy Days......
4 Him & Her
5 Heavy Metal
6 King Krad
7 Republic Of Darkness
8 Brenner
9 The Spectator

Line up / Musicians

Mark Nauseef - Drums , Percussives
Catherine Guard - Voice
Mark London Sims - Bass , Percussion
Leonice Shipman - Sythnesizer
Walter Quintus - Metal

Friday, 16 October 2009

Murphy Blend - Murphy Blend (1971)

This band from Munich's sole album on the legendary "Kuckuk" label is an excellent heavy prog rock album with hints of "Deep Purple" in the organ and guitar riffs department. I'm also reminded of some "Cressida" in parts.

With vocals sung in english, on the whole this is most enjoyable stuff. Check out the more melodic "Past has gone" which has a touch "Out Of Focus" in the instrumental section with plenty of that great Hammond organ, which tends to dominate most of the tracks.

Great album although some of the tracks perhaps suffer a little from sounding the same!

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. At First (4:32)
2. Speed is Coming Back (5:58)
3. Past Has Gone (7:30)
4. Prädudium/Use Your Feet (5:31)
5. Firt Loss (7:44)
6. Funny Guys (3:38)
7. Happiness (0:01)

Total Time: 34:54

Line-up / Musicians
- Wolf-Rodiger Uhlig / organ, cembalo, grand piano, vocals
- Wolfgang Rumler / guitar, vocals
- Andreas Scholz / bass
- Achim Schmidt / drums

Murphy Blend - Past has gone 1971

Murphy Blend - 01 - At First

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Zyma - Thoughts (1978)

One could be forgiven for thinking that "Zyma" were british for there style has a canterbury sound with "Curved Air" like female vocals. They are actually German, based there anyway.

This is a nice mix of other styles too however, from "Soft Machine" like jazz-rock, canterbury and folk.

" One Way Street " is the most inventive piece with some very erotic vocals and musical mayhem.

" Wasting Time" is undoubtedly the best song with excellent vocals, piano and violin and "Law Like Love" which amazingly at times resembles some "Pancake" from there "No Illusions" album. Check out the tasty guitar and bluesy vocals on this one!

Not exactly a classic, as it's a little uneven in places but does contain enough great music to warrant a place in anyones prog rock collection.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Thoughts (8:19)
2. Businessman (12:33)
3. One Way Street (8:04)
4. We Got Time (3:43)
5. Wasting Time (9:39)
Bonus tracks:
6. Law Like Love (7:04)
7. Tango Enough (6:01)

Total Time: 55:23

Line-up / Musicians
- Günter Hornung / keyboards
- Bodo Brandl / bass
- Meinrad Hirt / vocals, flute, keyboards, violin
- Karl Heinz Weiler / guitars, vocals
- Tim Pfau / vocals
- Karl-Heinz Weiler / drums

Zyma - Wasting Time

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Cartoon - Music From The Left Field (1983)

With an added violinist and woodwind player this second release by "Cartoon" differs somewhat to there previous.

A step on progressive wise with a greater pallette of sounds including ambient/ weird soundscape interludes blended with the more esoteric RIO and avant complexities.

We still however get to hear the "Universs Zero" type of sound with some humurous moments too ( The Twilight Zone theme? ). Check out "Scherzo" for some bizzarely funny berserk strangeitude.

Great album and there's more than a nod to some "Art Zoyd".

In it's way this is almost as good as there first album!

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Quotes (15:33)
2. Bedlam (4:47)
3. Light In August (5:44)
4. Scherzo (3:40)
5. Bottom Of The Ninth (4:04)
6. Trio

Line-up / Musicians
- Scott Brazieal / keyboards
- Mark Innocenti / guitars
- Gary Parra / percussion
- Herbert Diamant / woodwinds
- Craig Fry / violin, French horn

Cherry Five - Cherry Five (1975)

A spinoff italian band of "Goblin" which produced this fine album of "Yes" like songs with hints of "ELP" and a touch " Gentle Giant" all nicely complimented by english vocals.

This is rich and full sounding lively progressive rock.

Favourite tracks are " The Swan Is A Murderer Part 2" which has very Chris Squire like bass taking the lead and amazingly sounding like "Yes's" " Roundabout" song in parts. Anyone who loves "Yes" will love this i should think!

The complex " Oliver" has lots of organ and really rocks out before a big gong crash changes the mood into a more solemn tone, then bass and guitar/piano/ mellotron goes more symphonic before returning to yet more organ dominated complexities. Excellent!

"My Little Cloud Land" has some really nice "Gentle Giant" like moments - another terrific track with not only the best vocals on the album but the best track too!

A really great record!

Songs / Tracks Listing1. Country Grave Yard (8:18) 
2. The Picture of Dorian Gray (8:28) 
3. The Swan is a Murderer Part 1 (3:53) 
4. The Swan is a Murderer Part 2 (5:07) 
5. Oliver (9:30) 
6. My Little Cloud Land (7:43)

Total Time: 43:19
Line-up / Musicians- Claudio Simonetti / keyboards
- Massimo Morante / guitars
- Fabio Pignatelli / bass
- Tony Tartarini / lead voice

Cherry Five-The Swan is Murder Part II

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