Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Ash Ra Tempel - Ash Ra Tempel (1971)

The classic spacerock debut of germanys seminal krautrock band with Manuel Gottsching on guitar. Jut two long differently paced pieces. 'Amboss' being the more dynamic.

Songs / Tracks Listing
 1. Amboss (19:40)
2. Traummaschine (25:24)

Line-up / Musicians
- Manuel Göttsching / guitar, voice, electronics
- Hartmut Enke / bass
- Klaus Schulze / drums, electronics

Amboss 1/2 Ash Ra Tempel

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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Jean Paul Prat - Masal (1982)

Mighty Magma inspired album by French drummer Jean Paul Pratt.

This is excellent Zeuhl styled music with an intensity only equalled by Vanders supergoup. The themes explored are superb. Heavy bass, blasts of brass with wailing vocals and intricate drumwork juxtapose brilliantly against the more delicate moments from piano / rhodes / winds. Especially so on the lengthy title track. The others pieces being much more fluid and slightly brighter and airy, still quite excellent though, and not unlike some 'Troll' or ' Eider Stellaire'

An indispensable album for Magma and Eider Stellaire fans too. 'Masal'  is truly a masterpiece of the genre.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Masal (42:20)
2. Messagers De Notre-Dame (15:56)
3. Maran Atha-Sélah (9:13)
4. Valse Funèbre (5:11)
5. Origines - Seconde Partie (3:33)

Line-up / Musicians Track 1 lineup:
- Jean-Paul Prat / drums, piano, vocals
- Hervé Gourru / bass
- Jean-Jacques Willig / piano, synthesizers
- Viviane Galo / piano, vocals
- Norbert Galo / guitar
- Alain Escure / guitar
- Carlo Grassi / guitar
- Eric Duval / percussions
- Gérard Geoffroy / flutes, quena, panpipes
- Richard Heritier / saxophones, flute
- Georges Rolland / saxophones
- Richard Negro / trumpet
- Gilles Morard / trombone
- Bernard Morard / French horn

Friday, 3 December 2010

Thierry Zaboitzeff - Iva Lirma (2007)

Another fine album of utterly captivating music from Zaboitzeff which is extremely inventive , challenging, bombastic, dreamy, cinematic........... i could go on!

 This is highly sampled music (also with great use of electric guitar and vocals) whch in the right hands, as here, can be manipulated into extraordinary flights of the imagination, musically speaking..

 Zaboitzeffs  creative genius seems to have no bounds and he was in my opinion the very heart of Art Zoyds sound. Since his departure his solo releases just seem to get better and better, which unfortunately cannot be said the same for the current Art Zoyd.
 That bands subsequent releases seem to be a mere shadow of there former glory since this mans absence.

The title of this album by the way translates as 'Cross The Bridge'

Iva Lirma: Cross The Bridge / Thierry Zaboitzeff solo concert

Deil Zom an de Lay: Cross The Bridge /extract/ Thierry Zaboitzeff solo concert

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