Saturday, 17 October 2009

Dark - Dark (1986)

A very esoteric recording from american drummer and percusionist "Mark Nauseef"

Joined by just a female vocalist "Catherine Guard" and bass payer "Mark London Sims" with another pecussionist and synth this is by no means as sparse sounding as it might seem. It's mostly very tripped out world fusion with strange atmospheres for the most part. The wordless vocal chants are quite captivating and on occasion resemble "Lisa Gerrard" of "Dead Can Dance"

A rare and highly impressive album with much uniqueness.

Songs/Track Listing

1 Du Reptile
2 Even Darker
3 Happy Days......
4 Him & Her
5 Heavy Metal
6 King Krad
7 Republic Of Darkness
8 Brenner
9 The Spectator

Line up / Musicians

Mark Nauseef - Drums , Percussives
Catherine Guard - Voice
Mark London Sims - Bass , Percussion
Leonice Shipman - Sythnesizer
Walter Quintus - Metal

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