Saturday, 10 October 2009

Formula 3 - Dies Irae (1970)

If plenty of organ and guitar is your bag then this, Formula 3's first album is a must.

This is Italian psychedelic heavy progressive rock at it's best. With hints of "Osanna" " Atomic Rooster" this band has equally excellent vocals and instrument interplay. The guitar and organ combo in particular is quite exhillerating and exciting stuff. The title track "Dies irae" is probably my favourite with that great pumping Hammond organ and fantastic guitar/ vocals.

Yet another super italian progressive rock album which is more psychedelic than most.


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Dies irae (7:39)
2. Non è Francesca (3:37)
3. Perché. Perché ti amo (6:07)
4. Questo folle sentimento (introduzione) (1:05)
5. Questo folle sentimento (seconda parte) (2:19)
6. Walk Away Renee (4:30)
7. Se non è amore cos'è (5:11)
8. Sole giallo, sole nero (7:10)

Total Time: 37:40
Line-up / Musicians

- Tony Cicco / drums, percussion, vocals
- Gabriele Lorenzi / keyborads, bass, vocals

- Alberto Radius / guitars, bass, vocals

FORMULA 3 Dies Irae

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