Sunday, 23 May 2010

Jade Warrior - Floating World (1974)

The first album by Jade Warrior which was to set a new phase of more ambient, minimal /oriental/ psychedelic/ spacerock.

 With just a duo of Duhig & Field and numerous guests 'Floating World' is very high on atmospherics with touches of jazz and oriental spice carefully woven into a beatifull peacefull and relaxing affair, which at times is punctuated by more dynamic flourishes. Excellent!!

Songs / Tracks Listing 1. Clouds (2:52) 
2. Mountain of fruit and flowers (3:16) 
3. Waterfall (5:38) 
4. Red lotus (4:31) 
5. Clouds (1:25) 
6. Rain flower (2:44) 
7. Easty (5:23) 
8. Monkey chant (2:24) 
9. Memories of a distant sea (5:07) 
10. Quba (2:44)

Line-up / Musicians
Tony Duhig / acoustic & electric guitars, bass, 
piano, organ, glockenspiel, vibes 
John Field / Gælic harp, gong, vibes, alto, glockenspiel, concert & Japanese flutes, conga drums, bell tree, African talking drum, cello, piano, organ, acoustic guitar 
Chris Carran: drums (1-2) 
Graham Deacon / drums (4) 
David Duhig / electric guitar (8)

Coldridge Good / string bass (2)
 Skaila Kanga / harp (9) 
Martha Mdenge / spoken words (10) 

The Orpington Junior Girls Choir (1-5)


Jade Warrior - 05-07 - Coulds Ii / Rainflower / Easty

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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Pulsar - Strands Of The Future (1976)

Out of all the releases by this classic french progressive rock band, this one has to be my favourite.

With a much more symphonic moody and dreamy progressive sound this is an extremely well crafted album which  ties in perfectly with the strange artwork of the gatefold cover.

 This is mostly epic and colorfull stuff with spacey mellotrons , flute and guitars which on occasion delves deeper into trippy avant prog with flashes of Fripp. Very well recorded for the time, this is a must have ...for sure!

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Songs / Tracks Listing
1. The strands of the future (22:08)
2. Flight (2:37)
3. Windows (8:47)
4. Fool's failure (10:17)

Total Time: 43:49
Line-up / Musicians
- Victor Bosch / drums, percussion
- Gilbert Gandil / guitars, vocals
- Roland Richard / flute, strings
- Jacques Roman / organ, Mellotron, bass, synthesizers

Progressive Rock - The Strands of the Future - PULSAR

Pulsar - 04 - Fool's Failure

Pulsar - 03 - Windows

Monday, 17 May 2010

Pulsar - Gorlitz (1989)

Pulsar Görlitz album cover
A surprisingly great album from one of Frances finest progressive rock bands, who in the 70's gave us such classics as 'Halloween' and 'Strands of The future'.

Strong on melodies and atmospherics this album has much of the bands trademark sound with 'Gandil's' warm and expressive vocals/ guitar counterpointing  nicely''richard' and 'romans' spacey progressive keyboard backdrops.

It's certainly more listenable than there previous album, which had far too many vocals and short tracks where at least here we are treated to the excellent long opening title track.

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Line-up / Musicians - Victor Bosch / drums, pertcussion
- Gilbert Gandil / guitars, vocals
- Roland Richard / sax, keyboards
- Jacques Roman / piano, synthesizers
- Louis Paralis / bass
Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Görlitz (19:25)
2. Fin de voyage (4:00)
3. Naufrage (4:58)
4. Pour un autre départ (2:46)
5. Autour de toi (5:40)
6. Tara (3:00)

Total Time: 39:49

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