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Nexus - Perpetuum Karma (2007)

Since I first heard "Perpetuum Karma," I have been trying to wrap my head around a review for it. It has wowed me on many levels, but how to explain it? As we often say in Buddhism, words fall short. But, I will make an attempt anyway.

To me it is a prime example of a talented prog band staying true to the classics, without sounding too derivative. It's not all old school, they have incorporated many modern elements as well. However, if you are looking something that screams Argentina, this isn't it. If the lyrics weren't sung in Spanish, you would think Nexus comes from Europe, or North America.

"Mirar hacia el centro" lulls you into a false sense of security by beginning with some birdcalls. When the guitar starts, you know you are in for a ride. And a ride is what you get. This is modern prog epic territory (they even dabble in a bit of Spock's Beard's realm). It is grand, sweeping, changes up, and has a bit of an overall menacing feel. This is great stuff, and a perfect choice for an album opener.

Where most bands would let you off the hook after such a beginning, these guys get right back to it on the title track. This one is clearly in E.L.P. mode. However, they do play around a bit. One section gets a little jazzy, and I'd swear the guitar part is right out of the Jeff Beck playbook. This is another big epic, and another big success.

We finally get some relief with "Del Abismo al Sol." This is a cool, mellow number (not exactly short though). More jazz influence, and more Jeff Beck style guitar. It's a perfect palate cleanser.

The rest of the album holds the same promise and quality. It would take too much time, and space to go into detail on it all. This also indicates one of the drawbacks to "Perpetuum Karma." It is very long, and does get a little repetitive. I say so what. I never turn it off, nor do I get bored with it.

This is modern prog at its best. It may not have the most original sound, but it is darn good music. Impassioned playing, complex structures, grandiose themes, blistering guitars, masterful keyboards, nuance, everything a true proghead loves. If this sounds like your kind of thing, do yourself a favor and get this album. Review from

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Mirar hacia el centro (17:28)
2. Perpetuum Karma (14:56)
3. Del abismo al sol (9:50)
4. Travesía (9:12)
5. Cruces y Sombras (14:00)
6. En ese viento (6:44)

Total Time 72:28

Line-up / Musicians

- Luis Nakamura / drums & percussion
- Carlos Lucena / electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
- Daniel Ianniruberto / bass guitars
- Lalo Huber / Hammond organ, church organ, mellotron, pianos and synthesizers, backing vocals
- Lito Marcello / vocals

Monday, 27 May 2013

Nexus - Buenos Aries Free Experience (2007)

Wow! Nexus really rocks in this album!!! Buenos Aires Free Experience 2 is a special edition by the label Record Runner (an excelent idea!!!). And Nexus sounds really free here. The music is a journey trough hard rock, symphonic, prog, experimental, jazz, blues, avant garde, rock, rock, and more rock, and the result is fantastic! Nexus is a band (the only one???) that mantain a high level in their music, popularity and critics, by almost 10 years. This album is a great surprise. The musicians plays without limits, remembering your roots and flying to new horizons. The best american symphonic prog group, now is a great rock band too! Believe me. According to the listened trough these years..I can't wait for the next Nexus studio album... and the next, and the next... Five stars minimum. Get the album. Highly recommended. Review from

Another fantastic album by Nexus which is much more free and looser structured than there other releases,which makes for a more spontanious music brim full of prog rock jamming which really shines here.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Plaga (17:51)
2. El Reves Del Espejo (5:34)
3. Servicio De Lounge (14:39)
4. No Pizza (14:25)
5. Dame Un "La" (0:55)
6. Danza Mental (18:12)

Total Time: 71:46

Line-up / Musicians

- Lalo Huber / keyboards
- Carlos Lucena / guitars
- Daniel Ianniruberto / bass
- Luis Nakamura / drums & percussion

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Nexus - Magna Fabulis (2012)

Latest offering from this fabulous Argentinian progressive rock band is really a sampler from different time periods 2005 - 2010

 The first lengthy track Odisea sums up all that is fantastic about this band and is probably my favourite of theirs which blends perfectly thematic and progressive complexities into a dazzling display of aural bliss. This is quite an extraordinary piece with exemplary musicianship throughout, the guitar and keyboard/ bass work is just phenomenal.

All the other tracks are fine too in there own way. I detect a little Eloy maybe especially in El Plan Continua. For some really fine guitar work check out the song El Segundo Reino which is one of the most full on sounding tracks ones likely to hear. A touch Pink floyd?

 VERY VERY Highly recomended.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Nexus - Metanoia (2001)

iconThe album "Metanoia" (2001) from the Argentine progrok formation NEXUS is one of the best progrock releases of the last five years! It's more mature and balanced than the debut CD "Detras del umbral". The sound on "Metanoia" is impressive with very lush and bombastic keyboards (with echoes from ELP and the Japanese progrock) and due to the more dominant guitarplay the sound of NEXUS often evokes IQ (the albums "Ever" and "Dark matter") but also early HACKETT solo and of course mid-GENESIS. The 24-carat symphonic rock compositions are compelling with lots of captivating changes of climate and splendid solos on keyboard (organ and synthesizers) and guitar. The powerful female Spanish vocals fit perfect to all atmospheres, what a great voice. In my opinion this album offers all the elements that makes symphonic rock so worth listening! Meanwhile vocalist Maria Gonzalez has left the band and early 2005 NEXUS will release their next album. Keyboardplayer Lalo Huber told me that it will contain a lot of Hammond, Mellotron and 'vintage synthesizers' and guest male singers. In my opinion that CD will go for the full five star award! Review from

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Eterna Recurrencia Uno (1:21)
2. Grito Primal (Metanoia Nivel 0) (1:41)
3. Metambo (5:43)
4. Planeta Herido (3:02)
5. Despertar Dentro De Un Sueño (Metanoia Nivel 1) (9:23)
II. Dentro De Un Sueño
III. El Demonio Interior
6. Hacia La Luz (5:04)
7. Metanoia (Metanoia Nivel 2) (7:47)
8. La Tentación Del Mundo (7:27)
9. En Las Manos De Dios (15:45)
I. Desesperación
II. Resignación
III. La Plegaria
IV. La Transmutación
V. Las Manos De Dios
10. El Mensaje (0:31)
11. El Nexo Universal (5:13)
12. Tan Cerca Del Fuego (Metanoia Nivel 3) (7:17)
I. La Vorágine
II. Ver El Infinito
III. La Revelacion
13. Eterna Recurrencia Cero (3:07)

Total Time: 72:28 

Line-up / Musicians

- Mariela Gonzalez / vocals
- Lalo Huber / keyboards and backing vocals
- Carlos Lucena / guitars and backing vocals

- Luis Nakamura / drums and percussion
- Daniel Ianniruberto / bass, keyboards and backing vocals


Nexus - DETRÁS DEL UMBRAL (1999)

Excellent debut by one of the most important representants of sy,phonic prog music in south america. The group shows they were more than ready to record when they released this album in 1999. And although Metanoia was the CD to really gave them a wider exposure, Detras Del Umbral was nothing shorter in terms of composition and perfomance. Ok, the production may not as perfect as on Metanoia, but it is good enough here. In fact, in many aspects I like this CD more than its follow up.

The source fo their inspiration is clearly the 70´s symphonic bands, or, to be more specific, Emerson, Lake & palmer. The keyboards scream Keith Emerson all over the CD, except on the second part, where you can also hear some Tony Banks and Rick Wakeman influences. Mariela Gonzales is surely a charismatic and strong singer, but her voice is not everybody´s cup of tea. And the impression given is that the band is much more an instrumental group than anything else (the vocals are a bit underused), which may explains her leaving after their second efford.

On the other hand you have over 70 minutes of very good symphonic prog music. Carlos Lucena´s guitar licks and solos are less proeminent here than on other Nexus works, but still he shows his great skill and tastefullness when he appears. The rhythm section of Daniel Ianniruberto (bass) and Luix Nakamura (drums) is very precise and creative. One of my favorite songs is the powerful Tiempo Sin Razon, which is followed by the fine slower instrumental Utopia, and then it sequels into another short instrumental that reminds me of the greman group Triunvirat). Not a single filler in the whole album which I always hear with the same pleasure from start to finish. Detras Del Umbral seems to be a long suite with several parts and variations, but as a whole I think it is a highly successful debut. They already sounded like a seasoned band.

If you enjoy keyboards driven symphonic music of the 70´s, especially influenced by giants like Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman, you should not miss this one. 4 stars, no less! Congratulations, hermanos! Review from

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. El Despertar (2:23) 
2. Condenados (8:06) 
3. Mas Alla Del Limite (3:27) 
4. Tiempo Sin Razon (6:09) 
5. Utopia (2:24) 
6. La Espiral (2:48) 
7. Signos En El Cielo (10:52) 
8. Sueno Infinito (4:51) 
9. Detras Del Umbral (9:17) 
10. La Procesion Int?rior (3:37) 
11. Eterno Y Fugaz (10:22) 
12. La Batalla (4:17) 
13. El Ultimo Ritual (4:51)

Total Time: 71:24

Line-up / Musicians

- Mariela Gonzalez / vocals
- Lalo Huber / keyboards
- Carlos Lucena / guitars
- Daniel Ianniruberto / bass
- Luis Nakamura / drums

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