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Halloween - Le Festin ( 2001)

With a guest female vocalist this makes "Le Festin" a little different to previous "Halloween" releases.

A touch lightly ethereal zeuhl styled in parts with the female vocals amidst the more dramatic sections. This is once again another excellent prog rock album which hearkens back to there earlier "Laz" record, in part, but not as classic. More on the darker side and varied but also with alternatively shifting moods which this band excells at.

The lovely female vocals certainly add another color to there pallette. Check out "Neurotic" below.

"Scheherezade" is another standout with the ethnic/ eastern sounding guitar. This is a very nice change of direction on this piece and probably my favourite track.

"Coma" has some extraordinarily heavy moments which pulses and pounds with some excellent jazzy guitar.

"Halloween" are certainly a band to watch with every anticipated release.

HALLOWEEN Le Festin music reviews and MP3

Halloween - Neurotic

New Gibraltar HALLOWEEN
One of the very best new French bands. While Laz their second has been hailed as a classic by some, I wouldn't go this far. It is excellent, but has some rather dull moments that leave this one hanging a bit short. If you didn't like it, than don't bother with their first either!
Crimson influenced french band that has a penchant for creating eerie tunes, sometimes with frightening-sounding vocals. The first album was merely OK, but the second one Laz really rips: Check out the track "Iron Mickey" on side two for proof true. One of the better current french bands.
Halloween is one of the newer French progressives, contemporaries of bands like Minimum Vital and Tiemko. I have their 1990 release titled Laz. Their influences are varied, but I do hear some Pulsar. Perhaps the band took their name from Pulsar's classic album, Halloween. There is some excellent, contemporary guitar playing, as well as excellent keyboard work, vociferous violin, and tasteful bass. In addition to the Pulsar, there is, at least superficially, some similaries to Minimum Vital and especially Tiemko's excellent release, Ocean. For the most part, however, the music sounds pretty original to my ears, often being very atmospheric in nature rather than solos against a backdrop of instrumentation. I believe the vocals are in English but they aren't found very often. Very well done and highly recommended.
Merlin is a superb third production from this French band. Hear four excellent musicians share violin, guitars, basses, keyboards, lute, drums, percussions, vocals. Also add participation by two string quartets (strings and winds) as well as guests on voice and flute. This impressive production offers inventive music and a variety of arrangements that range from chamber music to heavy symphonic, to jazz-rock fusion. Medieval themes are developed in music, song and words (in French) in the format of a captivating suite. The richness of this music dictates sustained attention by the listener. -- Paul Charbonneau
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