Friday, 23 October 2009

Jody Grind - Far Canal (1970)

Early UK prog group lead by keyboardist Tim Hinkley, who released two albums on the folk specialist label Transatlantic Records. The first album was kind of psychedelic brass-rock called "One Step On", the second (recorded with a completely different line-uo bar Hinkley) was more progressive and rock based entitled "Far Canal".

I had not heard this album for years until just recently, it's as good as i remembered it!

From the opener whch sounds like a cross between caravan and pink floyd you may not expect whats coming next. From then on in its mostly heavy progressive/psychedelic rock with guitar and organ dominating. There's hints of "Creams" "White Room" on one track and a touch black sabbath in some of the guitar solos. But overall this is not exactly mainstream rock. Every track has a uniqueness of its own which distinguishes "Jody Grind" from most other british bands, like "Hight Tide" for instance.

Note! - The twin guitar solos as on "Red Worms & Lice" are quite extraordinary as they mesh and meld in quite brilliant manner. Great organ work too.

The recording and music as a whole is excellent. Just a shame that the drum solo takes up most of the last track.

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. We've Had It (5:07)
2. Bath Sister (3:28)
3. Jump Bed Jed 7:14)
4. Paradiso (7:31)
5. Plastic Shit (7:18)
6. Vegetable Oblivion (2:09)
7. Red Worms & Lice (7:23)
8. Ballad For Bridget (3:42)

Total time 43:52

Bonus Track - Reissue

10. Rock N' Roll Man (4:18)
Line-up / Musicians
Tim Hinkley / Keyboards, Vocals
Pete Gavin / Drums
Bernie Holland / Guitar

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