Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Ahvak - Ahvak (2004)

An extraordinary band from Israel playing an equally extraordinary ominously dark and forboding RIO in the "Univers Zero" and "King Crimson" mould.

Electrifying and devastating RIO at it's best which mesmerizes with it's cutting edge blend of avant/progressive/world/ electric chamber music. Definitely on the darker side but occasionally lighter elements do creep in. Everything besides though, what you get is not only fantastic and awe inspiring music but also a very fine recording to compliment the superlative musicianship.

I hadn't heard this album or indeed of 'Ahvak' until just recently, and i have to say it blew me away completely.

Favourite track is "Hamef Ahakim" which is so much at times like "Univers Zero" from there "Heatwave" "Heresie" album. Very powerfull and imaginitive complexities with lots of sinewy electric guitar, winds, and tense atmosphere with bizzare sounds creeping in and out of the mix while a ghostly piano or organ plays in the foggy distance.The outro is cacophonous RIO in all it's splendour. Wonderful stuff!

So if your a fan of the aforementioned bands, especially "Univers Zero" and also "Present" " Shub Niggurath" and "Art Zoyd" "King Crimson" then this is a must have for sure. An EXTREMELY impressive album which in my opinion excells much of "Univers Zero's" latest material and is one of the few albums i have come across recently which has really made such an impression since the aforementioned bands. A classic!

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Vivisektia (8:30)
2. Bherta (8:25)
3. Regaim (2:41)
4. Ahvak (16:21)
5. Melet (2:53)
6. Hamef Ahakim (13:32)
7. Pirzool (0:58)

Total Time: 53:20
Line-up / Musicians
- Yehuda Kollon / guitars
- Ishay Sommer bass
- Udi Susser / keyboards, woodwinds, vocals, baglama, darbooka
- Roy Yarkoni / keyboards, piano
- Dave Kerman / drums, percussion
- Udi Koomran / computer

Ahvak - Bherta

Kerrs Pink - Mellom Oss (1981)

A delightful album by the scandinavian "Kerrs Pink" which comes across to me like a mix of "Camel" "Pink Floyd"and "Samla Mammas Manna" at there best.

Rich melodies and excellent dialogues between keys and guitars etc make for a magic spellbindingly entertaining listen.

The fabulous scandinavian folk sound is brilliantly integrated with rock and although there are some nice vocals it's the instrumentals which are the most impressive. You will hardly hear the mix described better done than here!

The lengthy "Mens Tiden Forgar" is one of the highlights and has some really nice mellow flute passages and soaring female vocals. the later rockier guitar section for some reason reminds me of "Joe Walshes" "Rocky Mountain Way". Cool!

A fantastic band and album.

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Mellom Oss / Between Us (5:36)
2. Tröstevise / Comforting Tune (2:56)
3. Tröstevals / Comforting Waltz(1:02)
4. Östenfor Ord / East of Words (6:06)
5. Hvem snakker til meg? / Who's Speaking To Me (5:29)
6. Elegi / Elegy (3:17)
7. Mens Tiden Forgar / While Time Fades Away (17:17)
a. Dråper / Drops
b. Haven / The Garden
c. Adams sang / Adam's Song
d. Fallet / The Fall
e. Evas Sang / Eve's Song
f. Mens Tiden Forgår / While Time Fades Away
g. Etterspill / Aftermath
Bonus tracks:
8. Marius / Marius (3:16)
9. Parademarsj for Jubilanter / The Last of the Sixth Formers (2:36)
10. Den Siste Russ / Ode to Olga (3:00)
11. Hyllest til Olga / Parade March for Jubilants (1:40)
12. Trömborg Samba / Trömborg Samba (3:27)
13. Fredsmarsjen / Marche de la Paix (3:15)

Total Time: 54:28
Line-up / Musicians Vinyl version:
- Harald Lytomt / guitars, flute
- Jostein Hansen / bass, guitars, vocals
- Halvard Haugerud / keyboards, bass, vocals
- Tore Fundingsrud / drums
- Trond Bøhn / keyboards, guitar contributed on two tracks before he quit.
- Kirsten Hognestad Bøhn / vocals
- Lars-Thore Lande / bass
- Trygve Lahn / violin
- Chris Dankel, family and friends (hand claps and chorus)

Kerrs Pink Live 2002 - Point Blank

Kerrs Pink Live 2002 - Sirrus

Omega - 200 Years After The Last War (1974)

"200 Years After The War" is a lovely progressive rock album by Hungarys premier space rock band who have been going since the sixties , although they were quite different back then, musically.

The lengthy "Suite" opens things up with splendid flowing mellotron/ organ / guitar passages. A little folky progressive rock too at times with great vocals. A really enjoyable piece here and as yet one of the best works i've heard them do. The guitar soloing in particular is outstanding.

"Help To Find Me" follows in a similar vein but more uptempo with a scorching rock groove.

"200 years after the last war" is a nice whimsical interlude.

"You don't know" brings back the organ dominated rock. I'm reminded of some "Atomic Rooster" here!

On the whole an excellent and essential album for all prog rockers out there!

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Suite (19:23)
2. Help to find me (7:41)
3. 200 years after the last war (5:11)
4. You don't know (3:25)

Total Time: 35:40

Line-up / Musicians

- László Benkö / organ, Moog, backing vocals
- Ferenc Debreceni / drums, percussion
- János Kobor / lead vocals, percussion
- Tamás Mihály / bass, Mellotron, backing vocals
- György Molnár / acoustic & electric guitars

Monday, 28 September 2009

Cruciferius - Cruciferius (1970)

Another side project by Christian Vander playing his Zeuhl styled music.

An extremely rare album this one and not a lot of info except keyboardist "Francois Breant" features.

Only of interest really to Magma completists as this is only lightly zeuhl styled, being much more psychedelic rock based with hints of "ELP", "Arthur Brown" and "Amon Duul". Not bad though - it really cooks in parts and has english vocals.

Arachnoid - Arachnoid (1978)

A major progressive band whose music combined the strengths of other French symphonic groups and dark progressive rock that recalled the dark sound of "King Crimson". At times almost like "Univers Zero's" intensity too. This is very much though in the "King Crimson" style and very acconplished sounding too, with excellent frippian guitars.

There's more than a nod also to, "Pulsar","Shylock" & "Pink Floyd!

"Arachnoids" 1978 self-titled album is one of France’s finest progressive albums of the 70’s, and is a minor classic. The first four tracks are the best and are the most complicated structured and intriguing classically-inspired instrumentals.

Recommended for all adventurous progressive fans!

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Le Chamadere (13:49)
2. Piano Caveau (7:18)
3. In the Screen Side Of Your Eyes (4:03)
4. Toutes Ces Images (8:04)
5. La Guepe (8:39)
6. L'Adieu Au Pierrot (0:57)
7. Final (3:02)

Bonus titles:
8. L'Hiver (4:14)
9. Le Pierrot (5:07)
10. L'Adieu (3:20)
11. Piano Caveau (instrumental) (7:15)

Total Time: 66:25
Line-up / Musicians
- Francois Faugieres / organ, Mellotron, vocals
- Pierre Kuti / acoustic and electric pianos, synths
- Bernard Mini / drums
- Marc Meryl / lead vocals, tambourine
+ Philippe Honore / flute, saxophone
- Yves Javault / vocals
- Christine Mariey / voice
- Martine Rateau / voice
- Patrick Woindrich / bass, guitar, vocals
- Nicolas Popowski / guitar, vocals

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Univeria Zekt - The Unnamables (1971)

This is Magma in disguise really with a guest vocalist and trumpet player.

This album is more accessible than other magma recordings, and was, i understand, originally created to reach a wider audience in there new Zeuhl style and partly succeeds on both accounts. It's a pretty good album all round, even if the material is not that strong in comparison.

"The Unnameables" has a great production and will definitely please fans of Magma and Zeuhl. Favourite tracks are "Altcheringa" and "Africa Anteria".

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. You Speak And Speak Colegram (2:09)
2. Altcheringa (3:28)
3. Clementine (3:01)
4. Something's Cast A Spell (4:25)
5. Ourania (4:26)
6. Africa Anteria (11:31)
7. Undia (4:47)

Total Time: 33:47
Line-up / Musicians - Christian Vander / drums, percussion, voice (6)
- Klaus Blasquiz / vocals (4 & 7), percussion
- Francois Cahen / pianos
- Francis Moze / bass, organ
- Teddy Lasry / saxes, flute, organ
- Jeff Seffer / saxes
- Tito Puentes / trumpet
- Claude Engel / electric & acoustic guitar
- Zabu / vocals (2)
- Lionel Ledissez / vocals (4)

Univeria Zekt - "Altcheringa" (1971)

Friday, 25 September 2009

Halloween - Laz (1990)

A classic in 90's French symphonic rock.

"Halloweens" "Laz" is entirely based around writer H.P Lovecrafts works. So in keeping with the theme this is dark and mysteriously strange symphonic rock which is actually reminiscent in feel to "Pulsars" masterwork " Halloween".

Every song is really great, the only slightly sour point being that the vocals are sung in english and to say the least are very difficult to understand. Lyric sheet required!

Stand outs are " Yule Horror" " Iron Mickey" "Laz" and "Blue Nightmare" which has some excellent drum/percussive work.

If you like your symphonic progressive rock on the darker and more mysterious side ( like me) then this is a must, and especially if you enjoy bands like "Pulsar" which to be honest are few and far between.


Songs / Tracks Listing
1. The Wood (6:48)
2. Waltz (5:49)
3. Just for You (4:43)
4. Yule Horror (6:38)
5. Iron Mickey (6:31)
6. Blue Nightmare (6:42)
7. Laz (9:42)

Total Time: 51:40

Line-up / Musicians - Gilles Coppin / synthesizers, vocals, backing vocals
- Jean-Philippe Brun / violin, guitar, vocals
- Philippe Di Faostino / drums, percussion
- Yann Honoré / bass

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Ragnarok - Fata Morgana (1981)

The very rare masterpiece from Swedens "Ragnarok" which unlike there lighter previous album ( though a classic ) this is a scorcher with blistering guitar and brass with that unique swedish sound. Take "Fata Morgana" an unbelievebly heavy piece which sounds unlike anything else really in the jazz rock field. Totally unique and innovative while swinging in certain parts as on "Jatora Em Bak". Then there's the excellent "Vild Av Friden" a ballad like instrumental with gritty sax blasting away in a surge of emotive power.

"Leningrad 1 & 2 are probably my favourite tracks, beginning with gentle acoustic guitars and flute, but then becoming disquiting and more intense before returning to the opening theme. Then xylophone and a throbbing bass clash with rolling drums as the piece gets more intense and builds with fuzzed guitar screams and dirty sax colliding in a marching whirlpool of sound . Suddenly a melody breaks in and we reach the climax.

The heaviest is yet to come though in the form of "Elephanten Da Tagat" , another astounding track which pulls together all the elements of the whole album. Finally we go out on a more reflective note with "Eskapage"

This is truly an unbelievable album and one of my very top recommendations, especially if you like your jazz rock more innovative folky progressive and heavy.

"Fata Morgana" is in a style of it's own partly due to the very individual "Peter Bryngellson" guitar sound. Don't miss it!!

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Midvinterblot I
2. Fata Morgana
3. Jatora em Bak
4. Vild av Friden
5. Leningrad I & II
6. Midvinterblot II
7. Elefanten pa Taget
8. Eskapage

Line-up / Musicians
- Peter Bryngelsson / guitars, keyboards, xylophone, bouzouki, glocken spiel
- Tomas Wiegert / drums, xylophone
- Kjell Karlgren / sax, flute, keyboards
- Per F. Andersson / bass, xylophone, glocken spiel, trumpiano
- Magnus Jarlbo / trumpet, flugel hron, keyboards

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Musique Noise - Fulmines Regularis (1988)

One of the many Zeuhl inspired bands treading the well trodden path of Magma.

This is certainly one of the better ones though as it has really excellent male and female vocals which are easily on a par with Magma although they are sung in French.

Not too great on originality but if your into Magma then you will really be into this. It's quite accessible too which is probably more in the vein of "Merci" period Magma. Only qualm is the closing "Pzkr" track which is really a sped up version of one the other tracks. A waste really!

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Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Pas encore (8:03)
2. Unique au monde (8:40)
3. Mise au point (1:57)
4. Pour qui sont ces rangers qui marchent sur nos têtes? (7:46)
5. L'étroit huit (8:17)
6. Pzkr! (4:39)

Band/Line up

- Isabelle Bruston / vocals
- Jean-Philippe Gallet / vocals, saxophone
- Denis Levasseur / synthesizers & piano
- Philippe Zarka / drums & percussion
- Frederic Huynh / basses
- Xavier De Raymond / piano & synthesizer
- Simon Bot-Ban-Jok / saxophone
- Cornelia Schmid / vocals

Musique Noise - Villiers

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Zann - Strange Ways - Inside Jungle (1990)

An obscure but excellent german band whose music fits perfectly into the progressive world music category.

Most pieces are highly percussive and melodic with a variety of instruments from flute/ sax to darabukka and xylophone.

There's also some nice RIO styled tracks and on occasion i'm reminded of some "Okay Temiz" and the spacier " Steve Joliffe".

All in all a very fine hard to find album which has an excellent memorable variety of well played and composed tracks.

1 Tatopane
2 Caravan
3 Song for WuLung
4 Tibetan Bread
5 Kin Hin
6 Gayas Gone
7 Sevda Yolu
8 Aum

Monday, 21 September 2009

Neo - Neo (1980)

An obscure French band whose sole album is a really classic fiery spacey progressive rock instrumental with absolutely scorching guitarwork throughout and theres lots of nice sax work too.

The pace does let up a little on tracks "Joiwind" and "Plage 2" which are excellent full on melodic synth based tracks with some "Klaus Schulze" type sound.

An amazing album for sure and a splendid mix of light and dark space rock fusion elements

1 Osibirsk
2 Scene de Chasse
3 Joiwind
4 Neoplasme
5 Sortie de bain
6 Plage 2

Line Up

Bass Guitar - André Paul
Drums, Percussion -Ric Haven
Guitar -André Pélerin
Keyboards -Schlapp
Saxophone, Flute -Didier Erard

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Hidria Spacefolk - Symetria (2007)

The finnish space rockers continue to amaze and delight on this one.

"Symetria" has a harder rock edge than previous releases but is still a first rate progressive rock album retaining the folky elements and tightness. Much less "Ozric" sounding than the previous live album this veers more towards bands like "Anekdoten" and at times "Hawkwind"

Favourite tracks are "322" which has a fantastic spacey groove with wonderfull high flying psychedelic guitars and then goes slightly fumky with added brass. Also "Radien" which follows in a similar vein. This one reminds me so much of Frances " Minimum Vital". Superb!


Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Symetria (6:57)
2. Futur Ixiom (7:28)
3. 322 (6:30)
4. Flora/Fauna (6:50)
5. Radien (8:32)
6. Sine (11:28)

Total Time: 47:45

Line-up / Musicians
- Kimmo Dammert / bass
- Mikko Happo / electric & acoustic guitars, didgeridoo
- Teemu Kilponen / drums, percussion
- Janne Lounatvuori / synthesizers, electric piano
- Sami Wirkkala / electric, acoustic & midi guitars, Jawharp, synthesizers
- Olli Rautiainen / trumpet (3), accordion (4)
- Heikki Tuhkanen / trombone (3 & 6)
- G.O.D / harmonium (1)
- Annea / cello (6)

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Peter Frohmader - Amorika (1991)

Music inspired by "Frohmaders" visit to french brittany. Of its landscapes and ancient artifacts.

This release, especially the title track, is quite difficult to get into as there is a multitude of changes, almost like a more sampled avant garde "Homunculus" but less atmospheric.

However one is richly rewarded once you get used to all the fits and starts.On this journey there are elements of folk and medievil music and in certain parts it's not dissimilar to some "Univers Zero".

Besides frohmader on bass and synths there's also several guest contributing artists which add extra flavor.

A fine album but quite difficult to get into.

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Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Armorika /- Britanny/ (15:27)
2. Tumulus (3:00)
3. Argoat /- In the Woodlands/ (8:26)
4. Les Roches du Diable (3:19)
5. Stivell /- Source/ (6:39)
6. Dolmen (3:02)
7. Menhirs (4:43)
8. Calvaires (7:39)
9. Carnac (4:56)
10. Armor /- Land at the Sea/ (10:36)
11. Aber Wrac'h /- Mouth of the Witch/ (5:57)

Total Time 78:12

Line-up / Musicians

- Peter Frohmader / synthesizers, samplers, ac. 12 str. guitar, e-guitar, stick
- Richard Kurlander / harp, Appenzeller Hackbrett
- Stephan Manus / violin
- Petra Fierlbeck / vocals

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Hidria Spacefolk - Live Eleven A.M.(2005)

Another masterstroke from the Finnish space rockers and this time live which captures the bands great live energy.

This is so amazingly like "Ozric Tentacles", "Porcupine Tree" and "Gong" that you almost wonder if this is a jam of those three bands playing together. "Pangala" is in fact so close to one "Ozric Tentacles" track that i'm almost thinking it's a rip off to be honest!

A real must for all psychedelic space rockers then, even if maybe copyist in places.



Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Kokkola (7:25)
2. Pangaia (9:16)
3. Kaikados (9:54)
4. Jahwarp (7:53)
5. Pajas (7:30)
6. Pako Originaux (8:32)
7. Tarapita (12:58)
8. Astroban (8:05)

Total Time: 71:37

Line-up / Musicians
- Sami Wirkkala / guitar, synthesizers
- Janne Lounatvuori / synthesizers & Rhodes
- Kimmo Dammert / bass
- Teemu Kilponen / drums
- Mikko Happo / guitar

Hidria Spacefolk - Astroban

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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Peter Frohmader - Bass Symphony No 3 (1984)

As the title suggests this is music played with a variety of basses - The Chapman Stick, fretless and string basses with added coloration from choir and voice. It's amazing what can be done with just the bass!

I have to say this remains one of Peter Frohmaders most atmospheric and chilling pieces to date. With the cover depicting a cemetary in the woods this will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect, except this is not your typical horror type soundtrack stuff.

"Winter Music" is so chilled it will turn you to ice before you shiver to death. Thick fog laden wedges of drifting and cyclic bass tones float around the ectoplasmatic ether while ethereal and ghostly choirs create phantasmagorical soundscapes.
"Bass Symphony No 3" is similar but more bass pulse heavy (and slightly industrial), almost like "Stanley Clarke" on Acid in parts. It also reminds me of some early "Tangerine Dream" "Zeit"

A superb work here and very obscure for some reason. I am lucky enough to have the original LP of this so enjoy the warmer (ah hem!) analogue sounds.

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1 Winter Music (15:03)
Chapman Stick [Stick], Choir - Peter Frohmader
Vocals [Solo Singing], Choir - Birgit Metzger
2 Bass Symphony No. 3 (13:54)
Bass [4/6/8 String], Bass [Fretless], Choir - Peter Frohmader
Vocals [Solo Singing] - Birgit Metzger

Peter Frohmader - Sphinx Touch

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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Werwolf - Creation (1984)

Another one of those obscure German collectors items " Werwolfs" sole album "Creation" was a nice symphonic progressive krautrock mixture where one can hear elements of other more famous bands.

Take the opener for instance "flying high" which comes across as a blend of "Eloy" and"Jane". This is the odd track out though really. Elsewhere there's some nice female vocals (sung in english) which imparts a little "Renaissance" flavor and lots of intricate synth/guitar lines.

The folky elements and melodic symphonic rock are very well balanced overall with just the right amount of complexities which makes this album a success.

1 Flying high
2 The Journey to the LandOf the Flying Pigs
3 Way To Paradise
4 Daydream
5 The Game Is Over
6 The Eighth Day

Dzyan - Time Machine (1973)

Although "Eectric silence" is usually considered "Dzyans" progressive krautrock masterpiece, i have to disagree personally. Of there 3 albums i rank "Time Machine" as there best. This to me sounds the most professional and is riveting stuff right from the start as we dive into the delights of the lengthy first track "Kabisrain". No real melodies or structure as such here, and definitely an indian / eastern influence pervades. One could say this track is quite dissonant and atonal , yet it flows superbly with it's strange melange of keyboards, guitars and drums / percussives.

"Majika" is different and more in the jazz/rock "Mahavishnu Orchestra" style, but more avant with fiery guitar and lots of complexitires. I'm also reminded of some "Terje Rypdal" in places and to a lesser extent some " King Crimson".

"Light shining out of darkness" is much lighter in mood with lots of acoustic guitar and once again recalls "Mahavishnu Orchestra"

"Time Machine" is the real tour deforce of this album. Beginning with lightning speed guitar and pyrotechnics galore we then shift moods into a more melancholic section and back again. Superb guitarwork throughout this piece with drums and bass battling it out is quite spectacular. If you love "Mahavishnu Orchestra" or "Terje Rypdals" "Odyssey" album then your in for a treat here! 17 minutes of it!!
A classic album!

Time Machine

Studio Album, released in 1973

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Kabisrain (7:59)
2. Magika (8:45)
3. Light shining out of darkness (3:13)
4. Time machine (17:47)

Total Time: 37:44
Line-up / Musicians

- Peter Giger / drums, percussion
- Reinhard Karwatky / bass, keyboards
- Eddy Marron / guitar, sitar, saxophone

Dzyan - 04 - Khali from "Electric Silence"

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Osanna - L' Uoma (1971)

One of the finest of early 70's italian progressive rock bands. There first three albums are generally regarded as masterpieces, including the one here.

If your after a heavy rock music which is spacey and jazzy then "L' Uoma" will be right up your alley. This is probably my favourite album of there's and really is top notch. With it's excellent complex passages of flute and guitar interplay this really dazzles and delights from start to finish. The vocals are a treat too. On every listen there seems something different to hear which keeps everything fresh and alive.

Although "Palepoli" is mostly considered "Osannas" finest album, this one is a gem not to be missed. I often wonder why this band did not make it internationally, perhaps like "Grobschcnitt" they were a little too eccentric, diverse and out there for most peoples tastes maybe.

To sum up - a fantastic album!

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Introduzione (3:26)
2. L'uomo (3:34)
3. Mirror Train (4:56)
4. Non sei vissuto mai (6:00)
5. Vado verso una meta (3:15)
6. In un vecchio cieco (3:31)
7. L'amore vincerà di nuovo (6:13)
8. Everybody's Gonna See You Die (3:04)
9. Lady Power (3:56)

Total time: 37:57

Line-up / Musicians - Elio D'anna / flute, piccolo, tenor sax, baritone sax
- Lino Vairetti / vocals, 12 string guitar, harmonica, Hammond organ, synthesizer
- Danilo Rustici / lead guitar, 12 string guitar, pipe organ, electronics
- Lello Brandi / bass
- Massimo Guarino / drums, percussio

Osanna -L'uomo-

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Shub Niggurath - Les Morts Von Vite (1986)

Formed in France in 1983 " Shub Niggurath" play a very dark and brooding zeuhl, experimental music. With an operatic female vocalist and (unusually) trombone we know we are in for something a little different. One can hear elements of "Univers Zero" "Present" and at times "King Crimson" especially the frippian guitar.

A very interesting and intensely arresting album which will almost definitey please "Magma" fans and the above mentioned bands.With tracks like "Yog Sothoth" there's clearly musical interpretations of "H.P Lovecraft " works.

An aquired taste maybe and not an easy listen for sure. The vocals may not be to everyones taste and to me are not as appealing as say "Stella Vanders". Great album though and very forbodingly atmospheric!

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Incipit Tragaedia (15:46)
2. Cabine 67 (5:55)
3. Yog Sothoth (12:27)
4. La Ballade De Lénore (8:58)
5. Delear Prius (4:03)
6. J'ai Vu Naguère En Peinture Les Harpies Ravissant Le Repas De Phynée (4:19)

Total time 51:28

(These are the real track times; the cover of the CD indicates other track lengths, but they are incorrect.)
Line-up / Musicians

- Alain Ballaud / bass
- Franck Coulaud / drums
- Franck W. Fromy / guitar
- Jean-Luc Herve / piano, organ and harmonium
- Ann Stewart / voice
- Véronique Verdier / trombone
- Michel Kervinio / drums and percussion

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Art Zoyd - Haxan ( 1997 )

Although Art Zoyd still survives today, it's main composer, "Thierry Zaboitzeff" is now sadly missing from the ranks ( his solo works though are awesome ) . For me, at least, it was always his compositions which stood out, and no less so as on the conceptual Haxan. Haxan by the way is a rather obscure Danish silent movie from 1922 which deals with witches and the occult. For more info click here.

"Haxan" begins with an excellent long piece by Gerard Hourbette, but as ever
Thierry Zaboitzeffs stuff is the most outstanding. As always this is adventurous and rhythmic / classical / progressive Zeuhl styled music at it's best, with lashings of atmosphere and rather strange vocals to say the least. In fact what we have is about 10 steps on from "Magma" "Present" and " Univers Zero" no less. Highly sampled mostly but totally captivating for sure.

"Haxan" Like there " Nosferatu" soundtrack is another first rate example of there music.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Glissements Progressifs du Plaisir (extraits) (30:42)

- Ubik 1 / Ubik 2 / Ubik 3 / Allez à des moines/ Drama / Ralentando / Ubik 7

2. Nuits (7:26)

3. Häxan Phi (5:37)

4. Häxan Xi (2:10)

5. Häxan Psi (4:25)

6. Epreuves d'Acier (17:57)

7. Marche (3:45)

Total Time: 72:02
Line-up / Musicians

- Patricia Dallio / keyboards, samplers

- Daniel Denis / percussion, keyboards, samplers

- Gérard Hourbette / keyboards, percussion, samplers

- Thierry Zaboitzeff / cello, bass guitar, vocals, keyboards, samplers, percussion

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Archives of space

A very splendid crossection of Krautrock music on this album. The songs are carefully chosen and compliment each other really well from the more obscure to better known bands. Lots of excellent stuff here!


Cosmic Couriers
Culture In A Small Room (7:38)
Jardins (10:09)
We Do It (10:00)
Phoenix Arizona #1 (3:59)
Mother Gong
Wapu (3:00)
Amon Düül II
Utopia No. 1 (3:58)
Guru Guru
Der LSD-Marsch (6:12)
Holger Czukay
Float Space (3:00)
Altitude (4:38)
Zombie Warfare (5:49)
Magick Mushroom Band
Hubbly Bubbly (5:28)
Landing On Cydonia (9:45)

Brainticket - Places of Light

Amon Düül 2 - Green Bubble Raincoated Man - 2004

Guru Guru - L. Torro

Magic Mushroom Band

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