Sunday, 25 April 2010

Jade Warrior - Waves ( 1975 )

The influences of King Crimson are well in evidence on this, Jade Warriors second album.

Mostly meditative with just two side long pieces which are totally captivating with excellent jazzy passages of piano ( Steve Winwood), flute and guitar breaking gradually into the fragile floating atmospherics. A very masterfull and tastefull album for sure from this very unique band!

Songs / Tracks Listing
 1. Waves part I
2. Waves part II

Line-up / Musicians
- Tony Duhig / guitars, percussion
- Jon Field / percussion, flutes
- Dave Duhig / electric guitar solo
- Graham Morgan / drums
- Suzy / vocals (Whale theme)
- Maggie Thomas / alto recorder
- Steve Winwood / Moog and piano solos

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Friday, 23 April 2010

Jade Warrior - Released (1972)

Probably "Jade Warriors" finest album. The balance of there more dramatic rock oriented excursions and ethereally mystical melodic interludes are beautifully realised here. The epic "Barazinbar" and "Water Curtain Cave" are definitely among the highlights with wonderous jazzy and tribal elements.

Overall an excellent album with just one low point being "We Have reason to Believe" which would have been better left out really.

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Line-up / Musicians
- Tony Duhig / guitar
- Jon Field / flute, congas, percussion
- Glyn Havard / vocals, bass
- Dave Conners / alto & tenor saxes, flute
- Allan Price / drums

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Three horned Dragon King (6:09)
2. Eyes on you (3:05)
3. Bride of Summer (3:19)
4. Water curtain cave (6:28)
5. Minnamoto's dream (5:30)
6. We have reason to believe (3:50)
7. Barazinbar (15:00)
8. Yellow eyes (2:51)
9. Minnamoto's Dream (???)

Jade Warrior - Barazinbar part 2

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Bjorn Jayson Lindh - Sissel (1973)

Superb album from 1973 by the swedish keyboard/ fluteplayer B J Lindh , featuring other luminaries such as Okay Temiz from Turkey on percussion, Lennart Arberg on Sax and Janne Schaffer on lead guitar.

Lindh's raspy Tull like Flute and Schaffers lead guitar are the highlights of this album. Check out below the title track Sissel where Schaffer plays a fantastic guitar solo near the end and Bull Dog whch features excellent flute work.

A very fine album with that typical swedish folksy sound but also with many east/west fusion elements.




Thursday, 1 April 2010

Potemkine- Nicolas II (1978)

The third album by Potemkine is much more straighter jazz rock fusion styled which on occasion resembles some Mahavishnu Orchestra.

 Much less zeuhl here than on previous releases ,except for the closing track which is probably my favourite track. 

All in all  a very enjoyable album if one prefers a more jazz rock fusion approach and is  probably on the whole there strongest and tightest album to date, where the guitar playing is the highlight.

Nicolas II

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Tango Panache (6:18)
2. Raspoutine (5:56)
3. Theme Pour Un Swing Imaginaire (5:37)
4. Air De Famille (3:19)
5. Ode De Mars (5:23)
6. Aux Images (2:41)
7. Amphitheatre Magique (6:45)

Bonus tracks:
8. Laure (4:32)
9. Foetus (6:18)
10. Hymne (2:00)
11. Ballade (6:17)
12. Cycles (2:17)
13. Nuit Sur Le Golan (2:19)
14. Cedille (5:56)

Line-up / Musicians
- Dominique Dubuisson / bass, vocals
- Jean J. Ganghofer / percussion
- Charles Goubin / guitar, vocals
- Michel Goubin / keyboards, vocals
- Philippe Goubin / percussion, drums
- Christian Rouge / percussion

Potemkine - Nicolas II - Tango Panache

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