Friday, 12 March 2010

Pochakaite Malko - Doppelganger (2006)

The latest offering by this great Japanese band from Tokyo.

Really loud driving fuzzed bass fuels the first song on this album with an unbelievable amount of energy as a mighty doom laden melody of violin and keys splits everything apart. This sets up most of the other tracks which on occasion has lighter folky elements but the sound is most definitely like a heavier Zamla ( they have played music by them!) , King Cimson and Magma all mixed up into a devilshly energetic and frenzied brew.

Favourite track is 'Pluto' which comes across like a fusion of Univers Zero and Present! Mighty powerfull stuff indeed. 'Acid Rain' is another brain blaster too with more great heavy fuzzed bass and manic violin...... like a heady dose of avant King Crimson gone mad.

A Band to watch!!

Songs / Tracks Listing 1. Doppelgänger (3:54)
2. Anna (5:33)
3. Pluto (5:39)
4. Acid Rain (7:36)

Line-up / Musicians
- Junzo Tateiwa / tabla, percussion & drums
- Kazuo Ogino / piano, keyboards
- Shigekazu Kuwahara / bass
- Akihisa Tsuboy / electric & accoustic violin

Monday, 8 March 2010

Guapo - Black Oni (2005)

Dark powerfull and brooding RIO / Zeuhl where the sparks fly from a band who seems to relish in these styles.

This is mostly a fantastic 5 part tour de force with  strong elements of 'King Crimson' and 'Magma' as if  meeting' Univers Zero.' and 'Anekdoten'. Loud Bass and devastatingly powerful twists and turns with lighter touches dominate. 

All really excellent and explosive stuff and very accomplished musicianship/ compositions throughout make for an extremely impressive listen indeed.

Highlight is definitely Part 5 which comes across like 'King Crimson's' 'Starless and Bible Black' updated and taken to a new level of intensity which fuses with the best of 'Present'. A BRILLIANT track here and one of the most extraordinary pieces your ever likely to hear!!!!!

' Black Oni' is the second part of a trilogy of works and in my opinion is far better than there more recent' Exiles' album which is in comparison a little dissapointing .

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Songs / Tracks Listing 1. I. (3:34)
2. II. (11:54)
3. III. (10:21)
4. IV. (5:45)
5. V. (12:59)

Line-up / Musicians - Daniel O'Sullivan / Fender Rhodes, keyboard, harmonium, mellotron, guitar, electronics
- Dave Smith / drums, percussion
- Matt Thompson / bass, electronics
Total Time: 44:33

Guapo - Black Oni II

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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Potemkine - Triton (1977)

My favourite of the three albums by Frances "Potemkine".

For lovers of the Zeuhl style this album has much to offer and has more of the Magma type sound than the other two albums, and features excellent drums and bass guitar work reminiscent of "J Top" and "Vander". Check out "Loolit II" which is pure Magma and the excellent lengthy "Eiram".

There's also elements of "Mahavishnu Orchestra" and "Weather Report" on this disc but less so than on the other albums, especially "Nicolas II"

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Songs / Tracks Listing 1. Asyle (7:30)
2. Crepuscula (5:01)
3. Loolit II (8:33)
4. Liberserim Urb Et Chant De Viamor (4:03)
5. Eiram (13:38)
Line-up / Musicians
Charles Goubin / guitars, piano, vocals
Philippe Goubin / drums, percussions, piano
Doudou Dubuisson / bass guitar
Michel Goubin / piano, vocals

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