Monday, 30 November 2009

Patricia Dallio - D' vient L'eau des puits? ( 1996)

A much more synthesized and sampled album from "Dallio". But still fascinating stuff and a little more accessible than "La Ronce" , although i do prefer the previous album personally. Excellent challenging music though.

Songs / Tracks Listing 1. Les bras ouverts (3:37)
2. Hors l´oubli (4:43)
3. Par petites doses (0:35)
4. Hors les gonds (4:27)
5. Les dechets C (0:45)
6. Save our soul (3:15)
7. Des failles (1:34)
8. Serie B (4:31)
9. Dans la tete (0:35)
10. Liquidateurs (5:02)
11. Le cri des sources (1:38)
12. Cirfontaines-en-or nois (3:01)
13. Humanite cherche futur
i) Principe de precaution (1:47)
ii) L´arche (5:15)
iii) Hommes rèvoltés (3:42)
14. Jeanne-verra (0:20)
15. Apres, demain (2:23)
16. Tout va bien (0:39)

Line-up / Musicians

- Patricia Dallio / keyboards, sampler
- Michel Besson / accordion
- Fabienne Ringenbach / cello
- Lorenzo Sanchez / electric guitar

le parvis des ondes - Part 4

Patricia Dallio - La Ronce N'est Pas Le Pire (1994)

An absolute must for fans of "Art Zoyd" whom "Dallio" was once a long time member as well as with the "Alain Eckert Quartet".

Her blend of keyboards , synthesizer and sampling are outstanding with all kinds of minimalistic electronic,chamber,avant rock fusions. This solo album with a few guests is most definitey one of her best and most fascinating, and comes highly recommended to those into the aforementioned band and also "Present".

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Boire d´un coup toute la rosée (1:24)
2. Elles (8:01)
3. Demain, je me marie (3:51)
4. Ecraser l´escargot n´arrangerait rien (5:15)
5. Eau-forte (5:19)
6. Ecraser l´escargot n´arrangerait tousjours rien (3:35)
7. Aria (5:07)
8. Voler en éclat (5:33)
9. La ronce n´est pas le pire (18:50)

Total Time: 56:55

Line-up / Musicians - Patricia Dallio / instruments, sounds, composition
- Laurent Georges / clarinets
- Susan Belling / vocals
- Patrick Grimaud / percussion


Sunday, 29 November 2009

Julians Treatment - A Time Before This ...... Plus (1970 -73)

This Classic obscure and very underrated  band was the brainchild of one "Julian Savarin" a dominican born keyboard player who moved to Britian in the early sixties where he eventually formed "Julians Treatment".

The original line up recorded there first album "A Time Before This" which featured Nigel Jenkins (guitar), Roger Odell (drums) and from Australia Jo Meek (vocals).

One could say there is a similarity to early "Earth & Fire" with the female vocals but this is only incidental really as this is quite different in feel and far more progressive.

"A Time Before This" a very nice progressive Sci Fi concept album ( Savarin was also apparently a Science Fiction writer) where hammond organ is featured predominantly and the powerfull female vocals of "Meek".

A great pity albums and bands like this are now almost forgotten. A really wondefull album here which is full of color with superb mostly melodic hammond organ from "Savarin" and some great female vocals. The music alternates between progressive rock and more dense dreamy forboding atmospheres. At times there's some whispery flute and riffing guitars but no solo's as such except the odd wild one. 
Standouts are "Terran"  
a stunning instrumental with super organ and guitar. Also "Fourth From The Sun" ( check it out below)  and "Strange Things" with more excellent panned female vocals and lots of hooks with marching beats and layered organ with bags of atmosphere. Indeed all the music has great atmospherics and on the whole is really well produced for the time. Another great song is the title track " A Time Before This" which is probably the closest comparison to " Earth &Fire".

"Waiters On The Dance" there second album is perhaps even better. With a different but excellent and more subtle female vocalist this is another stunner. Take "Child Of The Night" in two parts is a real stormer with more guitar on this track than on any of the previous album tracks. This really cooks with great organ once again. Brilliant stuff!

 A rare treat and you get there entire output here, both "A Time Before This" and " Waiters On The Dance"

Songs / Tracks Listing
First Chapter: First Prophecy
1. First oracle
Second Chapter:
2. The coming of the mule
Third Chapter:
3. Phantom city
Fourth Chapter
4. The black tower
Fifth Chapter:
5. Aida, dark lady of the outer worlds
Sixth Chapter:
6. Altarra, princess of the blue women
Seventh Chapter: second prophecy
7. Second oracle
Eigth Chapter:
8. Part one: Twin suns of Centauri
9. Part two: Alkon, planet of Centauri
Ninth Chapter:
10. The terran
Tenth Chapter:
11. Fourth from the sun
Eleventh Chapter:
12. Strange things
Twelfth Chapter: Epilogue
13. A time before this
14. Child of the night 1 + 2
15. Stranger
16. The death of Aida
17. Cycles
18. Soldiers of time
Line-up / Musicians - Julian Savarin / organ
- John Dover / bass
- Del Watkins / guitar, flutes
- Jack Drummond / drums
- Cathy Pruden / vocals
- Nigel Jenkins / guitar
- Roger Odell / drums
- Jo Meek / vocals

Tous Les Enfants - Christian Vander (1994)

Coming wiith a beautifully presented hardback CD booklet, this is mainly Vander and Stella Vander etc on vocals accompanied by piano and choirs.

Mostly composed entirely of short pieces this all seems to work really well and definitely has a charm all of it's own. I've heard it described as "Vanders" lullabye album which is quite apt although this is not as sweet as that descripion might imply. Several songs have quite an unusual subtle darker undercurrent as on "Le Ballet de Sorcieres" for instance. Check it out below.

 If your into the lighter side of vocal Magma, i guess this will be right up your street. I like this album very much.

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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Eskaton - Ardeur (`1980)

"Ardeur" meaning "Fervour" was "Eskatons" first proper album. Along with a couple of guest musicians the music carries on from there "4 visions" release. Deivative of "Magma" maybe but "Eskaton" puts there own twist on things. With shorter pieces on side one and longer ones on the other, which tie in nicely with the Post Atomique theme..

 Great zeuhl songs here with excellent dual female vocals which recalls in parts "Magma's" "Udu Wudu". Not quite up there with there other releases this is nevertheless a fine album for zeuhl fans from one of the best around.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Ardeur (2:33)
2. Couvert de gloire (4:28)
3. Pierre et l'ange (4:04)
4. Attente (6:38)
5. Dagon (10:07)
6. Un certain passage (6:50)
7. Eskaton (6:05)
bonus tracks from EP
8. Le chant de la terre (6:25)
9. If (4:24)

Total Time : 51:40

Line-up / Musicians - Andre Bernardi / bass
- Paule Klaynnaert / voices
- Amara Tahir / voices
- Gerard Konig / drum
- Gilles Rozenberg / guitar, organ and synth
- Marc Rozenberg / piano fender, acoustic piano
- Patrick Lemercier / violin

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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Jean Philippe Goude - Drones (1979)

Ex Weidorje keyboardists rare first solo album features a really impressive line up of some of Frances most respected and talented musicians. Like Weidorje the music is similar in style and just as great!. I feel each track is well worthy of a description..... so here goes:

"Saturnales" has great rumbling bass and complex drums which is definitely very much like Weideorje" which also features vocals from "Klaus Blasquiz". A must for "Magma" fans for sure! A classic zeuhl track!

"Sicilienne" is a brief melodic synth and vocal piece.

"Machine" is very dark and features "Richard Pinhas" on rhythmic synth and an ensemble of strings. Rather like "Heldon" meets "Weidorje" A wonderfully inventive systemic classical tinged zeuhl piece.

"Drole D' Ere" begins with reflective and moody piano and synths which is later joined by drums, bass and violin by "David Rose" This recalls some of "Troll" or "Joel Dugrenot". A very beautful melody on this piece.

"Coma" is just Piano & Synth by "J P Goude". A great avant piece with mostly unusual synth tones creating an industrial feel.

"Trepidanse" is lively and again recalls some "Troll" or even some "Minimum Vital" with that Breton rock sound. Excellent!

"Duo" is similar with "J P Gode" just playing synths.

"Dies Irae" is a  super zeuhl fusion track with "J M Kajdan" on guitar ( three other guitar players too) and bass,drums battling it out with a touch "Univers Zero". A fantastic track and probably my favourite piece on the album.

"Tintinnabulum" the longest track here is once again systemic with piano , drums and guitars. Some nice oriental flourishes here with "Klaus Blasquiz" once again on vocals. A great "Magma" "Weidorje" styled piece with some cool electric guitar too. Another outstanding track here!

"Cantilene" is another very interesting Piano Synth piece.

"Trio De Mini Moogs" is played by just moogs and features "Benoit Widemann". Fine musicianship once again here and a delightfully quirky piece for sure.

A classic album and an absolute must for anyone into the zeuhl style.


1 Saturnales
2 Sicilienne
3 Machine
4 Drole D' Ere
5 Coma
6 Trepidanse
7 Duo
8 Dies Irae
9 Tintinnabulum
10 Cantilene
11 Trio De Mini Moogs (Bonus Song)

Line Up/Personel

Bernard Paganotti
Patrick Gautier
Klaus Blasquiz
Kurt Rust
David rose
Richard Pinhas
Michel Ettori

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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Magma - Emehntehtt - Ra (2009)

The latest offering from Magma since there classic "KA" album. Was it worth the wait? Well the answer is yes and no since this is not all new material and contains several pieces the ardent "Magma" fan will recognise.

Noticeably there "Emehntehtt - Re (extract 1) which appeared on there live "Hhai" album;"Rind-e which appeared on "Attahk";Emehntehtt-Re (extract 2) and "Zombies"  which appeared on "Udu Wudu": "Hhai" which also appeared on "Hhai" live.

Despite the mix of re-recorded previous material and the new, the whole album flows together very nicely. Stella and Christian Vanders vocals are predominantly featured with lots of choral vocals, which certainly reminds one of the more vocal parts of "MDK" and "Khontarkoz". There's also a similarity in style to "Vanders" "A Tous Les Enfants" which also featured lots of vocals and this album does.

A great album by "Magma" but somehow a little dissapointing when compared to there previous "KA" album, which was more varied and powerfull in my opinion, and hearkened back to there more classic period zeuhl style. If however you prefer the more vocal/choral lighter side of "Magma" you will find much to enjoy here for sure.

Favourite song is  Emehntehtt-Re III which is very intense with superb vocals drums and bass which are in typical classic "Magma" style venturing into mesmeric marching zeuhl avant RIO cosmic call and response . WoW!

An excellent album regardless of some of my own personal reservations  and especially  great though if your preferances  are for the more recent "Magma" style.  I have to say though on repeated listens this album really does grow on you. 


Line-up :
- Christian Vander / drums, voices, piano, Fender Rhodes, clavinet, percussions
- Stella Vander / voices, percussions
- Isabelle Feuillebois / voices
- Herve Aknin / voices
- Benoit Alziary / vibraphone
- James Mac Gaw / guitar
- Bruno Ruder / Fender Rhodes
- Philippe Bussonnet / bass
- Emmanuel Borghi / piano
- Himiko Paganotti, Antoine Paganotti, Claude Lamamy, Marcus Linon and Pierre-Michel Sivadier / voices

Track List :

01. Emehntehtt-Re I - 6:53
02. Emehntehtt-Re II - 22:25
03. Emehntehtt-Re III - 13:06
04. Emehntehtt-Re IV - 3:54
05. Funehrarium - 4:19
06. Sehe - 0:27

Monday, 23 November 2009

Electric Orange - Morbus (2007)

The latest and greatest offering from "Electric Orange". They really seem to have gotten it together on this one. Comes across to me like a mix of early "Amon Duul II" and "Can" but suffused with a uniqueness which is now becoming only "Electric Orange". They are finding there sound here for sure.

Krautrock and spaced grooves with heady swirling keys and riffing guitars collide into the ether, but this is is no  "Ozric Tentacles" though, and with none of those high flying guitar solos as such and no bombast. Here we have some very inventive kraut spacerock indeed which takes all the best elements from there previous albums and splces them all together into a spellbinding mix, all with a pinch of "Tangerine Dream" "Can" "Amon Duul II" and even early "kraftwerk".

Classic bass lines and guitar riffs set up many of the pieces in almost minimalistic fashion which repeats itself and really gets under your skin the more you listen.

Take "Errorman" a fantastic tripped out song which takes us to the pyramids and beyond with strange vocals , mellotron and a mighty riffing psychedelic groove.

"Flohfunknest" has a jazzy bassline/ drums and voice with organ all swirling into quite the mix.

"Traumama" begins with swirling organ and dives into a "Santana-esque" percussive rhythm then choral like voices join in. Very interesting indeed with a hint of "Dead Can Dance" maybe.

"Krautschock" as the title suggests is some super laid back "Krautrock" with slowly building drums, organ, flute. Reminds me of some "Brainticket" with a touch of "Gong". Fantastic song here!

This is one highly impressive album from a band which just seems to get better and better.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Einwahn (7:51)

2. Rote Flocken (5:02)
3. Span 5 (7:55)
4. Morbus (5:53)
5. Errorman (8:10)
6. Flohfunknest (3:31)
7. Traumama (4:56)
8. Krautschock (7:01)
9. Wald (10:17)
10. Reaching (4:26)
11. Schöhl 2 (4:18)
12. Sarau (8:32)

Total Time: 77:52

Line-up / Musicians

- Dirk Jan Müller / organ, synthesizer, Flügel, Mellotron, samples
- Dirk Bittner / guitar, voice, percussion, harmonium, samples
- Tom Rückwald / bass, contrabass
- Silvio Franolic / drums, percussion
- Josef Ahns / guitars, flutes
- Sunjah / voices
- Claudia / voices
- Paul / voices
- Lola / voices

Tantra - Misterios E Maravilhas (1977)

The legendary Portugese progressive rock bands first album is justifiably very highly regarded in many quarters. Excellent compositions and musicianship shine through on every track.

 To make comparisons one could cetainly quote "King Crimson" "Yes" "Gentle Giant" and Italian legends like "PFM" or "Osanna" and on occasion the fieryness of "Mahavishnu Orchestra".
The first and last tracks are more dreamy progressive rock styled whereas the bulk of the other tracks are more fusion based.

From dreamy symphonic rock passages to fiery progressive fusion with guitars and wonderfull percussives/ keys, it's all here with many flavors and just a few well placed vocals. Only downside is a rather dullish recording, but the quality of the music certainly makes up for this.


Songs / Tracks Listing
1. A Beira Do Fim (11:01)
2. Aventuras De Um Dragao Num Aquario (2:09)
3. Misterios E Maravilhas (6:19)
4. Maquina Da Felicidade (13:39)
5. Variacoes Sobre Uma Galaxia (1:24)
6. Partir Sempre (9:29)

Total Time: 54:01

Line-up / Musicians
 Armando Gama / keyboards
 Americo Luis / bass
 Manuel Cardoso / guitar
 To Ze Almeida / drums

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Passport - Passport Control (1997)

A really excellent compilation from one of Germany's premier jazz rock fusion bands. All tracks being from there earlier and more inventive albums. A sort of best of really.

The real jem in the crown is "Yellow Dream" which is a track originally heard from 1973 on their "Hand Made" album, but this is a re-recorded version for the various artists sampler " Journey into Space" which is yet to be released on CD. Lovely airy oriental flavors coming through here to this piece with spacey mellotron and bass dominating the intro before settling into a great spacey groove with sax and electric piano joining in to  heavier moments. This is passport in a more inventive mode and not too dissimilar to early "Agitation Free". A superb track and worth seeking this album out for, for this track alone!

With "live" and studio tracks this is an excellent listen.

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Thursday, 19 November 2009


Second compliation which features the entire fourth and fifth albums, with extra rare archive material, by this truly exceptional avant garde outfit.

 "Phase IV" in my opinion is there ultimate masterpiece and the best album by them ever, partly due to a more richer instrumentation and the compsitions are shared more favourably between "Hourbette" and "Zaboitzeff".

With hints of "Univers Zero" and "Zappa" this is a fantastic RIO - Zeuhl album. Unmissable band, as is "Phase IV" in particular.

Songs / Tracks Listing
Les Espaces Inquiets (1983):
1. Légendes: La Forêt Qui Avance (3:48)
2. Cérémonie (9:08)
3. Images D'Une Ville-Poussière: Errance (4:47)
4. Images D'Une Ville-Poussière: Cortège Des Officiels (4:29)
5. Images D'Une Ville-Poussière: Au-Delà Des Vallées (4:08)
6. Migrations (13:08)
7. Légendes: Le Bruit Du Fer (3:04)
Phase IV (1982):
8. État D'Urgence (14:38)
9. Naufrage (6:41)
10. Dernière Danse (4:33)
11. Deux Préludes (2:05)
12. La Musique D'Erich Faes (Collective Improvisation) (0:14)

Phase IV (Continuation):
1. Et Avec Votre Esprit (5:14)
2. Ballade (4:03)
3. Chemins De Lumière (15:09)
4. Du Sang Sur La Neige (4:16)
5. Vue D'Un Manège (4:08)
6. La Nuit (13:00)
7. Les Larmes De Christina (3:44)
Archives II (1987):
8. Ex Tractu Do Inocauit (2:56)
9. Le Combat Des Dragons: 1 (2:46)
10. Le Combat Des Dragons: Final (1:52)
11. Malbodium: Sommeil Du Noble (0:42)
12. Malbodium: Entrée (1:33)
13. Malbodium: Églises (1:18)
14. Don Juan: Danse Macabre (1:23)
15. Don Juan: Le Bain (1:39)
16. Don Juan: La Sainte Famille (3:10)
17. Un Jour Au Château: Le Parc (1:08)
18. Un Jour Au Château: Le Matin (1:55)
19. Un Jour Au Château: Le Secret (1:29)
20. Don Juan: Le Bain (Final) (0:37)
Line-up / Musicians
- Patricia Dallio / piano
- Gérard Hourbette / percussion, violin, composer, keyboards, leader, viola, multi instruments
- Didier Pietton / percussion, sax
- Jean Pierre Soarez / percussion, trumpet, cornet
- Thierry Willems / piano
- Thierry Zaboitzeff / guitar, bass (electric), cello, composer, guitar (bass), keyboards, leader, voices, multi instruments, tapes

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Gentle Giant - Three Friends (1972)

There third album which exlplores more of the same territory as on the previous albums.

A slight reduction in the production quality but the music still shines.

Favourite tracks are "Prologue" and "Peel The Paint"

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Prologue (6:12)
2. Schooldays (7:33)
3. Working All Day (5:07)
4. Peel The Paint (7:25)
5. Mister Class And Quality? (5:51)
6. Three Friends (3:00)

Total Time: 35:08
Line-up / Musicians - Gary Green / guitars, percussion
- Kerry Minnear / keyboards, vibraphone, percussion, Moog, vocals
- Malcolm Mortimore / drums
- Derek Shulman / vocals
- Phil Schulman / sax, vocals
- Ray Shulman / bass, violin, 12 string guitar, vocals
- Assisted by: Calvin Shulman, Ray's son

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Gentle Giant - Acquiring The Taste (1971)

Second album by these masters of progressive music.

The title just about says it all. If you have it then this is essential for all lovers of adventurous flavorfull prog rock.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Pantagruel's Nativity (6:50) 

2. Edge Of Twilight (3:47)
3. The House, The Street, The Room (6:01)
4. Acquiring The Taste (1:36)
5. Wreck (4:36)
6. The Moon Is Down (4:45)
7. Black Cat (3:51)
8. Plain Truth (7:36)

Total Time: 39:01

Line-up / Musicians

- Gary Green / 6 string guitar, 12 string guitar, 12 string wah-wah guitar, donkey's jawbone, cat calls, voice 

- Kerry Minnear / electric piano, organ, mellotron, vibraphone, Moog, piano, celeste, clavichord, harpsichord, tympani, maracas, lead vocals
- Derek Shulman / alto sax, clavichord, cowbell, lead vocals
- Phil Shulman / alto & tenor sax, clarinet, trumpet, piano, claves, maracas, lead vocals
- Ray Shulman / bass, violin, viola, electric violin, Spanish guitar, tambourine, 12 string guitar, organ bass pedals, skulls, vocals
- Martin Smith / drums, tambourine, gongs, side drum
- Assisted by Paul Cosh (trumpet, organ) and Tony Visconti (recorder, bass drum, triangle)

Gentle Giant - The Power And The Glory (1974)

Another classic progressive album by "Gentle Giant" with yet more cleverly constructed songs who's intricasies are mindboggling.

Slightly more accessible maybe than some of there other albums but no less impressive.

Songs / Tracks Listing
 1. Proclamation (6:48)
2. So Sincere (3:52)
3. Aspirations (4:41)
4. Playing the Game (6:46)
5. Cogs in Cogs (3:08)
6. No God's a Man (4:28)
7. The Face (4:12)
8. Valedictory (3:21)
9. The Power And The Glory (2:53) [bonus track, Terrapin and One Way CDs]

Total Time: 40:09

Line-up / Musicians - Gary Green / guitars
- Kerry Minnear / keyboards, cello, vocals
- Derek Shulman / vocals, saxes
- Ray Shulman / bass, violin, vocals
- John Weathers / drums, percussion, vocals

Monday, 16 November 2009

Can - Soon Over Babaluma (1974)

 The legendary krautrockers who's blend of cutting edge/avant garde progressive has always been difficult to pin down.

 "Babaluma" sees them in more of a quirkier mood ( without Suzuki on vocals ) with very imaginative songs from start to finish. Standout tracks in the more classic "Can" style are "Quantum Pshysics" and "Chain Reaction"

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Dizzy Dizzy (5:40)
2. Come sta, La Luna (5:44)
3. Splash (7:47)
4. Chain Reaction (11:12)
5. Quantum Physics (8:33)

Total Time: 43:22

Line-up / Musicians - Holger Czukay / bass
- Michael Karoli / guitar, violin, vocals on No. 1, 4
- Jaki Liebezeit / drums
- Irmin Schmidt / keyboards, vocals on No. 2

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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Electric Orange - Electric Orange ( 1993)

First album by a relatively recent krautrock band who's music is often closer to "Can" and on occasion "Kraftwerk" and "Tangerine Dream"

Lots of great trippy krautrock and Psychedelia on this release with instrumentation ranging from flute, sax, electric piano/ mellotron, guitars and organ.  with the occasional female vocal. This is more varied and spacey than there later releases and skips nicely into light and dark passages.

Check out "Reflections Of 2072 And Everywhere" which has great flute and riffing guitars flying into the space between your ears. A brilliant track especially the second half. See my video below! This track is a great introduction to this band if your not familiar.

"The Return Of Eugene, Be Careful " is a fantastic homage to "Pink Floyd" and "Baby Cakewalk" has some "Ozric Tentacles" flavor but quite different really. Both superb tracks here!

A very impressive and fine album from a band who deserves wider recognition. Fans of "Can" in particular should love this band. I know i do.

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Reflections Of 2072 And Everywhere (10:21)
2. Sysyphus's Revenge (8:51)
3. Journey Through Weird Scenes Featuring Cows In Space (7:17)
4. The Return Of Eugene, Be Careful (9:55)
5. Electripity Chapter XVI (5:54)
6. Baby Cake Walk (8:50)
7. Soul Shadows (6:02)
8. Back In Strangeworld (14:38)

Total Time: 73:58



Saturday, 14 November 2009

Bambibanda E Melodie - Bambibande E Melodie (1974)

Another excellent 70's progressive rock band from Italy who were a reincarnation of "Garybaldi" and who's sole album is a stunner.

 If you can imagine a melting pot of say "Santana" "Jimi Hendrix" "Ashra" and " Agitation Free" this will give you some idea of what to expect. Here are mostly instrumental tracks which range from rock/ jazz hybrids to the more dreamy progressive. All with the  superb melodic electric guitarwork of "Bambi Fossati".

An outstanding album!

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Pian Della Tortilla (15:10)
2. Libera E Felice (6:51)
3. Calabuig! (6:34)
4. Piccolo Gitano (4:14)
5. Mare Delle Terre Medie (7:19)
6. Canto Del Sole (2:07)

Total Time: 42:15

Line-up / Musicians
- Bambi Fossati / guitar, vocals
- Maurizio Cassinelli / drums
- Ramasandiran Somusundaram / percussion
- Roberto Ricci / bass

Friday, 13 November 2009

Birth Control - Operation (1971)

These were a great heavy krautrock band formed in the late sixties. Starting out as more of a hybrid jazz rock outfit they later beacame much more heavily rock inflenced but still progressive. Aside from the many tacky and controversial  album covers and song titles the music shines.

On "Operation" you'll hear elements of "Deep Purple" "ELP" and "Black Sabbath" with superb guitar leads and organ but far more progressive and German than the straighter british rock bands as mentioned.

Standout Songs :

"Flesh and Blood"" we have great vocals here and super driving bass / guitar riffs with splendid vocals ( in german accented english).

"Pandemonium" continues in heavy krautrock vein. Rather like "Black Sabbath" ( the vocals ) this one or a really heavy "Black Widow" and again with excellent guitar and hammond organ belting it out!

"Sop Little Lady" again like a more progressive "Black Sabbath" but with brilliant "Vincent Crane" like organ.

"The Work Is Done" more super vocals and stinging guitar and my favourite track here. Reminds me a little of some early "Eloy" in parts.

On the whole a classic heavy krautrock album.


Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Stop little lady (7:16)
2. Just before the sun will rise (7:35)
3. The work is done (5:56)
4. Flesh and blood (3:27)
5. Pandemonium (6:34)
6. Let us do it now (11:09)

Total Time: 41:57
Line-up / Musicians - Bruno Frenzel / guitar, vocals
- Bernd Koschmidder / bass
- Bernd Noske / drums, vocals
- Reinjhold Sobotta / organ

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Magma – Floe Essi Ektah (1998)

Great "Magma" EP in similar vein to there "Offering" which displays a more lighter styled zeuhl. The vocals ( Stella Vander ) could have been brought forward a little in the mix but this is nevertheless excellent.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Floë Ëssi (2:58)
2. Ëktah (5:52)

Total Time: 8:50

LyricsLine-up / Musicians - Stella Vander, Isabelle Feuillebois, Bertrand Cardiet / vocals
- James Mac Gaw / guitar
- Emmanuel Borghi / Fender Rhodes
- Phillipe Bussonnet / bass

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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Gentle Giant - In A Glass House (1973))

Often regarded as one of Gentle Giants very best albums and not one of there easiest to come by.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. The Runaway (7:15)
2. An Inmate's Lullaby (4:40)
3. Way of Life (7:52)
4. Experience (7:50)
5. A Reunion (2:11)
6. In a Glass House (8:26)

Total Time: 58:08

GENTLE GIANT In a Glass House music reviews and MP

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