Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Cartoon - Music From The Left Field (1983)

With an added violinist and woodwind player this second release by "Cartoon" differs somewhat to there previous.

A step on progressive wise with a greater pallette of sounds including ambient/ weird soundscape interludes blended with the more esoteric RIO and avant complexities.

We still however get to hear the "Universs Zero" type of sound with some humurous moments too ( The Twilight Zone theme? ). Check out "Scherzo" for some bizzarely funny berserk strangeitude.

Great album and there's more than a nod to some "Art Zoyd".

In it's way this is almost as good as there first album!

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Quotes (15:33)
2. Bedlam (4:47)
3. Light In August (5:44)
4. Scherzo (3:40)
5. Bottom Of The Ninth (4:04)
6. Trio

Line-up / Musicians
- Scott Brazieal / keyboards
- Mark Innocenti / guitars
- Gary Parra / percussion
- Herbert Diamant / woodwinds
- Craig Fry / violin, French horn

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