Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Art Zoyd - Berlin

Another extraordinary album by this French ensemble. This is dark RIO/Zeuhl/Classical/Avant Prog at it's best. With once again the compositions shared by "Hourbette" and "Zaboitzeff" we have the best of both sides here.

With just five shorter pieces and two twenty minute plus tracks it is the longer ones which impress the most . In particular " A Drum A Drum" the best song here ,which is based on "William Shakespeares" "Macbeth". A stunningly dark and inventively foreboding work which to me can only come from "Thierry Zaboitzeffs" incredibly visionary musically challenging mind. This has a very Germanic gothic feel to the whole piece with writhing percussives,strings,horns and the scary voice of "Zaboitzeff" (which at times sounds like more suited in some thrash metal band) taking us on an extremely phantasmagorical trip. This certainly recalls the likes of " Univers Zero" on there darkest "1313" album. Brilliant indeed!!

The shorter pieces are great, like " Baboons Blood" but this is worth getting for "A Drum A Drum" which impresses the most!

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Epithalame (20:12)
2. Baboon's Blood (5:35)
3. Petit Messe à l'Usage des Pharmaciens - Offertoire (3:13)
4. Petit Messe à l'Usage des Pharmaciens - Kyrie (3:32)
5. A Drum, a Drum (20:20)
6. Petit Messe à l'Usage des Pharmaciens - Introit (2:59)
7. Unsex Me Here (3:23)

Total Time: 59:14
Line-up / Musicians
- Patricia Dallio / pianos, keyboards
- Gérard Hourbette / viola, violin, pianos, keyboards, percussion

- André Mergenthaler / cello, alto sax, bass, vocals
- Thierry Zaboitzeff / cello, bass guitar, vocals, tapes, keyboards, percussion

Art Zoyd - Baboon's blood
Art Zoyd - Unsex me here

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