Monday, 26 October 2009

Daniel Denis - Serius and The Ghosts (1991)

Fist solo album by "Univers Zero" "Present" drummer see's him playng in a similar darker style but sounding more synthesized but no less intense and sombre.

Notable guest appearence on most of the songs is " Dirk Descheemacker" on sax and clarinet.

This album should definitely not dissapoint ardent "UZ" fans although some might be surprised that there's only two tracks featuring "Daniel Denis" on drums. However this is a very fine album all in all even if maybe it doesn't come across as strong as "Univers Zero". Check out the track "A l'Ombre du Zed" though, this comes very close with the complexities, shrieking winds/ electric cello and marching feel. Actually this is a stunning piece and i really like the minimalist piano on "Eastwave" which is close to earlier "Art Zoyd". Excellent!

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Beyond the Mountains (9:52)
2. A l'Ombre du Zed (8:04)
3. Eastwave (5:34)
4. Sirius (6:52)
5. Strange Twist (7:37)
6. Fête souterraine (7:35)

Total Time: 45:34

Line-up / Musicians
- Daniel Denis /drums, percussion, keyboards
- Frederic de Roos / recorders
- Dirk Descheemaeker / soprano saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
- Michel Hatzigeorgiou / bass
- Jan Kuijken / acoustic and electric cellos
- Michel Hatzigeorgiou / bass
- Frederic DeRoos / recorders

A l'Ombre du Zed

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