Thursday, 31 December 2009

Jan Schaffer - The Chinese (1974)

For me this is "Jan Schaffers" best album with excellent progresssive jazz-rock styled guitar driven instrumentals with that Swedish sound and on accasion some oriental flourishes which goes nicely with the cover artwork.

He's most noted for being a backing guitarist for "Abba". A very talented player. Checkout the excellent live versions of "Fillins Mignon" and one of my favourite songs on the the album "Th Chinese" below.


A1   Halkans Affair

A2   No Registration

A3   Marbles

A4   Titus

B1   The Chinese

B2   Harvest Machine

B3   Daniel Sover

B4   Fillet Mignon

B5   Air Mattress

Janne Schaffer - Fillins Mignon live 74

Janne Schaffer - The Chinese live 74

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