Friday, 11 December 2009

Zaboitzeff & Crew - Miniaturen (2000)

Described as a "Zoydian" suite in 3 parts "Miniaturen" is a dance piece for 9 female dancers and 18 "Wintercoats". Created by the  "Edita Braun" company / Zaboitzeff & Crew in 1999 for the opening of "Salzburger Festspiele".

Three lengthy suites of outstanding and brilliant "Zoydian" music. I find "Zaboitzeff's" music difficult to just have to listen and wonder at the marvellous works this man creates! Esoteric and spellbinding!!


Schon; track 01-13
zart; track 14-30
kalt; track 31 - 40
finale; track 41

Iva Lirma: Cross The Bridge / Thierry Zaboitzeff solo concert

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