Thursday, 3 December 2009

Thierry Zaboitzeff - Promethee ( 1984)

First solo release by "Art Zoyd" bassist , since leaving in 1997 , which is apparently an interpretation of the ancient greek tragedy "Aeschyhlus" "Prometheus" by Le Collectif Theatral Du Hainaut".

As a multinstrumentalist "Zaboitzeff" plays all the instruments and this album sees him embarking on more of his compositions for modern dance and theatre with absolutely outstanding ability. I personally always thought he was the major player in "Art Zoyd" and i think if one listens to the bulk of his solo albums, one can hear why. His music in my opinion is some of the most highly original avant garde music around today.

With 14 mostly short pieces, they range from, unusually, otherworldly landscapes to really strange systemic avant garde sample based music with cello and bass. On the whole this album is much less intricate to his later works with only a few vocals, and does on several occasions resemble some of "Faust".

A fascinating album then and a must for "Art Zoyd" lovers.

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