Friday, 4 December 2009

Na Margon - Deaths Angel (1993)

Very rare EP release on the swedish "Bauta" label written and performed by Ronnie Ehrs with the intention "to capture the uttermost evil and the uttermost good put to music". Ehrs says, "I do not know if I did succeed, however I would like to think that certain parts of the music really does."

"Na Margon" also features "Lach'n Jonsson" with some additional vocals and sax as well as guitars and drums. As the title may suggest this is mostly dark ambient heavy RIO which really impresses with its intense organ and guitar weaving systemic patterns. The vocals add some extra flavor and are an excellent addition.

Listening to this only leaves one wanting more. A great little obscure gem.

1 Deaths Angel
2 If
3 Deaths Angel ( subconcious version)

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