Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Heldon - Stand By (1979)

Heldon's best album! This just seems to tick all the right boxes, musically. It's certainly there most accessible work  and brings to fruition, to my mind at least, there facination with intense and hypnotic electro rhythms awash with "Richard Pinhas's" searing soaring guitar.

This album is much more sequencer driven too and better for it! You will find more than a hint of "King Crimson" and "Tangerine Dream" but quite different to either of those as these guys have always had a atyle of there own.

 Heldons masterwork!


Heldon - Stand By (2/2)

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Bolero (21:44)
...1 Apprehension
...2 Bolero proprement dit
...3 Recognition
...4 Repetition
...5 Rote Armee Fraktion
...6 Production
...7 Distribution
...8 Deterrioration
2. Une Drole de Journee (3:59)
3. Stand By (14:04)

Total Time: 39:47

Line-up / Musicians
- Richard Pinhas / guitar, Moog, Polymoog, vocoder, electronics
- Patrick Gauthier / Mini-Moog, piano, Polymoog, keyboards
- Francois Auger / percussion, Kolossal percussive
- Didier Batard / bass
- Klaus Blasquiz / voices
- Didier Badez / sequencer

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