Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Thierry Zaboitzeff - Back Up (1993 - 2006)

More superb avant rock from the leading force behind "Art Zoyd". Absolutely wonderfull collection here with mostly a compilation of short pieces which have also appeared on several of his other albums. The combination of styles are utterly compelling and fascinating for the lover of adventurous music.

 If your into "Art Zoyd" like me, this artists solo work is absolutely essential!!

Track Listing

1 Overlap Processing
2 Zart
3 Clearlight
4 Komba
5 Dr Zab and hos Robotic Strings Orchestra
6 Evermore
7 The Bodies of the Godesse
8 Holi Trance final cut
9 Elle Court
10 Heartbeat (Live Version)
11 Grete
12 im Berg
13 im Fluss
14 Schon
15 Kubila Knan
16 Finale

Missa Furiosa "Lacrimosa" by Thierry Zaboitzeff & crew director Harald Friedl

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