Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Jean Philippe Goude - Aux solitudes (2008)

An absolutely delightfull mostly Chamber Music / Neo Classical styled album from Ex "Magma " keyboard player.

 Darkish in parts yet at other times utterly beatifull  which does recall some "Phillip Glass" "Penguin Cafe Orchestra" and sometimes the subtle piano melodies remind me a little of some of "Tim Story's" earlier works.

 One of the best albums i've heard in this particular style and the operatic vocals are superb.

A must for lovers of more experimental baroque chamber music and piano, this is the type of music which will definitely have you coming back for more of those hidden delights which this album offers in abundance with such rich compositions .......just don't let the album cover put you off which seems a very odd choice of imagery to say the least!



1. I Prolegomena
2. Market Diktat Song
3. Embedded in the slopes
4. Devastated Man
5. It Prolegomena
6. No Hay Camino, Hay Que Caminar
7. In Our Dreams Vanished
8. Prolegomena Ill.
9. The Intranquilité
10. Where words leave us
11. Close Eyes To See
12. The Consumer
13. Madeleine Auf Dem Weg
14. The entertainment venues Ment
15. For Solitudes

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