Saturday, 5 December 2009

Joel Dugrenot - See (1984)

Ultra rare cassette only release from one of Frances most respected musicians, bass player "Joel Dugrenot" who has at one time or another been a member of "Clearlight" "Magma" and "Zao" etc.

This is a superb release with excellent compositions which although rather sparse sounding and without any drums are really wonderfull with superb flute, violin and sax work from both "Francois Jeanneaue" and "David Rose". Check out Ice and Water which fits that description more than any piece i can think of, with its melancholy lonely cold flute amidst an intensely cold piano and synth backdrop, very descriptive musically. In fact the whole album has a very bitter sweet quality to it and is mostly quite different to the more jazz/rock zeuhl of his  previous "Boomerang" album except for "Joy To Fly" which is great floating jazz rock and light zeuhl fusion  with great violin melodies and pulsing bass.

The piano work is also outstandingly good too, as on the longest piece. "Elles" which finishes off the album perfectly with another very ambient piece with great basswork and ethereal flute, keys with some percussive embellishments.

A beautifully sublime album without the usual jazz rock cliches inherent in most others........this is most definitely a french / european sounding album.

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Songs/Track Listing

1 Sunrise Call
2 Caravan
3 Ice & Water
4 Joy To Fly
5 Elles

Line Up/ Personel

Joel Dugrenot           Bass
Manuel Villaroel         Claviers
David Rose              Electric Violin
Marc Bonnet Maury   Acoustic Violin
Francois Jeanneau     Flute,Soprano Sax

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