Saturday, 19 December 2009

Robert Schroeder - Taste It (2009)

The latest release from one of Germany's finest synthesists.

Way back in 1978 "Schroeder" became friends with "Klaus Schulze" who upon hearing his stuff signed him up to his new "Innovative Communications " label and has since released quite a body of work, also offshoots such as "Universal Avenue".

Unlike many synth players "Schroeder" does have a recognisable style which is probably down to the fact that he builds a lot of his synths himself. One could pigeon hole most of his sound as contemporary romantic, which is certainly in abundance on this release.

Not exactly in the same league as say "Harmonic Ascendant" but as with all his releases there's plenty to enjoy.

"Taste This" sees him in a very melodic and romantic mood with very sci fi sounding ambiences, which is what he really excells at. Check out the songs below!

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