Friday, 6 November 2009

Serge Bringolf Strave - Live (1983)

Ultra rare album of drummer Bringolfs "Strave" performing live. Unfortunately not the best of recordings but for Zeuhl completists this will be a must!! The dual bass/guitar and drums particularly shine and there's less accent on jazz, more funk actually!

"Alain Eckerts" guitar is particularly nice and there's some great sax work too! Check out "Funk 2" which has super "Vander" like drums and heavy atmosphere."Eckerts" spacey guitar sound is wonderful here. This is kind of "Crimson" meets "Magma" and "Gong" Definitely my favourite track! "Chorus" has just "Bringolf" on drums with a few electronics.....this really whips up a storm and is a great showcase for his skills.

There's some really excellent music here which alternates between funk/jazz fusion and Zeuhl.


1 Funk
2 Funk 2
3 Silver spoon
4 Impro
5 Chorus

Artists/Line Up

Serge Bringolf - Drums
Alain Eckert - Guitar
Francis Bourrec - Saxophone
Alain Leconte - Bass
Thierry Eckert - Bass

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