Monday, 9 November 2009

May Blitz - 2nd Of May (1970 - 71 )

First two albums by this excellent british progressive rock band which are unfortunately rather obscure these days. These played a more inventive prog rock which is more akin to say Germanys "Guru Guru" and in places like a more psychedelic "Cream".

"May Blitz" were one of the great "Vertigo" label bands. Each album is packed with superb guitar riffs ( acoustic and electric) and rhythms with styles covering spacerock and psychedeliaic blues , all with excellent vocals too. These albums still sounds fresh today and are real gems!


"Dreaming" with superb moody vocals and acoustic guitars which goes all frenzied psychedelic in the middle section.

"Squeet" great vocals and dual guitar riifing with prominent bass really rocks out.

"Tomorrow May Come" amazingly has a "Wishbone Ash" feel.

"For Mad Men Only" has great fuzzed guitar in "Hawkwind" style.

"Snakes and Ladders" a touch "Black Sabbath" here but far more progressive!

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