Sunday, 22 November 2009

Passport - Passport Control (1997)

A really excellent compilation from one of Germany's premier jazz rock fusion bands. All tracks being from there earlier and more inventive albums. A sort of best of really.

The real jem in the crown is "Yellow Dream" which is a track originally heard from 1973 on their "Hand Made" album, but this is a re-recorded version for the various artists sampler " Journey into Space" which is yet to be released on CD. Lovely airy oriental flavors coming through here to this piece with spacey mellotron and bass dominating the intro before settling into a great spacey groove with sax and electric piano joining in to  heavier moments. This is passport in a more inventive mode and not too dissimilar to early "Agitation Free". A superb track and worth seeking this album out for, for this track alone!

With "live" and studio tracks this is an excellent listen.

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