Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Magma - Emehntehtt - Ra (2009)

The latest offering from Magma since there classic "KA" album. Was it worth the wait? Well the answer is yes and no since this is not all new material and contains several pieces the ardent "Magma" fan will recognise.

Noticeably there "Emehntehtt - Re (extract 1) which appeared on there live "Hhai" album;"Rind-e which appeared on "Attahk";Emehntehtt-Re (extract 2) and "Zombies"  which appeared on "Udu Wudu": "Hhai" which also appeared on "Hhai" live.

Despite the mix of re-recorded previous material and the new, the whole album flows together very nicely. Stella and Christian Vanders vocals are predominantly featured with lots of choral vocals, which certainly reminds one of the more vocal parts of "MDK" and "Khontarkoz". There's also a similarity in style to "Vanders" "A Tous Les Enfants" which also featured lots of vocals and this album does.

A great album by "Magma" but somehow a little dissapointing when compared to there previous "KA" album, which was more varied and powerfull in my opinion, and hearkened back to there more classic period zeuhl style. If however you prefer the more vocal/choral lighter side of "Magma" you will find much to enjoy here for sure.

Favourite song is  Emehntehtt-Re III which is very intense with superb vocals drums and bass which are in typical classic "Magma" style venturing into mesmeric marching zeuhl avant RIO cosmic call and response . WoW!

An excellent album regardless of some of my own personal reservations  and especially  great though if your preferances  are for the more recent "Magma" style.  I have to say though on repeated listens this album really does grow on you. 


Line-up :
- Christian Vander / drums, voices, piano, Fender Rhodes, clavinet, percussions
- Stella Vander / voices, percussions
- Isabelle Feuillebois / voices
- Herve Aknin / voices
- Benoit Alziary / vibraphone
- James Mac Gaw / guitar
- Bruno Ruder / Fender Rhodes
- Philippe Bussonnet / bass
- Emmanuel Borghi / piano
- Himiko Paganotti, Antoine Paganotti, Claude Lamamy, Marcus Linon and Pierre-Michel Sivadier / voices

Track List :

01. Emehntehtt-Re I - 6:53
02. Emehntehtt-Re II - 22:25
03. Emehntehtt-Re III - 13:06
04. Emehntehtt-Re IV - 3:54
05. Funehrarium - 4:19
06. Sehe - 0:27

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