Thursday, 26 November 2009

Jean Philippe Goude - Drones (1979)

Ex Weidorje keyboardists rare first solo album features a really impressive line up of some of Frances most respected and talented musicians. Like Weidorje the music is similar in style and just as great!. I feel each track is well worthy of a description..... so here goes:

"Saturnales" has great rumbling bass and complex drums which is definitely very much like Weideorje" which also features vocals from "Klaus Blasquiz". A must for "Magma" fans for sure! A classic zeuhl track!

"Sicilienne" is a brief melodic synth and vocal piece.

"Machine" is very dark and features "Richard Pinhas" on rhythmic synth and an ensemble of strings. Rather like "Heldon" meets "Weidorje" A wonderfully inventive systemic classical tinged zeuhl piece.

"Drole D' Ere" begins with reflective and moody piano and synths which is later joined by drums, bass and violin by "David Rose" This recalls some of "Troll" or "Joel Dugrenot". A very beautful melody on this piece.

"Coma" is just Piano & Synth by "J P Goude". A great avant piece with mostly unusual synth tones creating an industrial feel.

"Trepidanse" is lively and again recalls some "Troll" or even some "Minimum Vital" with that Breton rock sound. Excellent!

"Duo" is similar with "J P Gode" just playing synths.

"Dies Irae" is a  super zeuhl fusion track with "J M Kajdan" on guitar ( three other guitar players too) and bass,drums battling it out with a touch "Univers Zero". A fantastic track and probably my favourite piece on the album.

"Tintinnabulum" the longest track here is once again systemic with piano , drums and guitars. Some nice oriental flourishes here with "Klaus Blasquiz" once again on vocals. A great "Magma" "Weidorje" styled piece with some cool electric guitar too. Another outstanding track here!

"Cantilene" is another very interesting Piano Synth piece.

"Trio De Mini Moogs" is played by just moogs and features "Benoit Widemann". Fine musicianship once again here and a delightfully quirky piece for sure.

A classic album and an absolute must for anyone into the zeuhl style.


1 Saturnales
2 Sicilienne
3 Machine
4 Drole D' Ere
5 Coma
6 Trepidanse
7 Duo
8 Dies Irae
9 Tintinnabulum
10 Cantilene
11 Trio De Mini Moogs (Bonus Song)

Line Up/Personel

Bernard Paganotti
Patrick Gautier
Klaus Blasquiz
Kurt Rust
David rose
Richard Pinhas
Michel Ettori

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