Monday, 23 November 2009

Electric Orange - Morbus (2007)

The latest and greatest offering from "Electric Orange". They really seem to have gotten it together on this one. Comes across to me like a mix of early "Amon Duul II" and "Can" but suffused with a uniqueness which is now becoming only "Electric Orange". They are finding there sound here for sure.

Krautrock and spaced grooves with heady swirling keys and riffing guitars collide into the ether, but this is is no  "Ozric Tentacles" though, and with none of those high flying guitar solos as such and no bombast. Here we have some very inventive kraut spacerock indeed which takes all the best elements from there previous albums and splces them all together into a spellbinding mix, all with a pinch of "Tangerine Dream" "Can" "Amon Duul II" and even early "kraftwerk".

Classic bass lines and guitar riffs set up many of the pieces in almost minimalistic fashion which repeats itself and really gets under your skin the more you listen.

Take "Errorman" a fantastic tripped out song which takes us to the pyramids and beyond with strange vocals , mellotron and a mighty riffing psychedelic groove.

"Flohfunknest" has a jazzy bassline/ drums and voice with organ all swirling into quite the mix.

"Traumama" begins with swirling organ and dives into a "Santana-esque" percussive rhythm then choral like voices join in. Very interesting indeed with a hint of "Dead Can Dance" maybe.

"Krautschock" as the title suggests is some super laid back "Krautrock" with slowly building drums, organ, flute. Reminds me of some "Brainticket" with a touch of "Gong". Fantastic song here!

This is one highly impressive album from a band which just seems to get better and better.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Einwahn (7:51)

2. Rote Flocken (5:02)
3. Span 5 (7:55)
4. Morbus (5:53)
5. Errorman (8:10)
6. Flohfunknest (3:31)
7. Traumama (4:56)
8. Krautschock (7:01)
9. Wald (10:17)
10. Reaching (4:26)
11. Schöhl 2 (4:18)
12. Sarau (8:32)

Total Time: 77:52

Line-up / Musicians

- Dirk Jan Müller / organ, synthesizer, Flügel, Mellotron, samples
- Dirk Bittner / guitar, voice, percussion, harmonium, samples
- Tom Rückwald / bass, contrabass
- Silvio Franolic / drums, percussion
- Josef Ahns / guitars, flutes
- Sunjah / voices
- Claudia / voices
- Paul / voices
- Lola / voices

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