Monday, 2 November 2009

Mary Newsletter - Distratto Dal sole (1998)

The key to this italian progressive band is variety. With elements of spacey rock , psychedelia,blues,ethnic and jazz, these mix it all up superbly into quite an exhillerating and fresh brew. A true progressive music in every sense of the word. You will find fantastic songs with excellent italian vocals and band interplay.

Check out "Lontano" a beautfully flowing song with great guitar - a touch "Pink Floyd" perhaps here. Also "M d C" which is another superbly floating, spacey, mostly instrumental which gradually becomes more psychedelic / jazzy, then goes slightly folky into more "Pink Floyd" like territory, and once again those excellent vocals enter. It's not over yet though as we dive into more psychedelic sounds with voices which goes a touch "Gentle Giant" . Quite a mix for sure on this the longest piece. It showcases there style mixing most superbly.

A superb and varied album by a great band.

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Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Vis Country? (7:31)
2. Intermezzo per chitarra classica, flauto e bouzouki (1:31)
3. Lontano (6:22)
4. Intermezzo per quartetto d'archi e chitarra classica (1:02)
5. Cattolica (9:20)
6. Intermezzo in modo orientale (1:54)
7. La Danza (3:45)
8. Ricordo (3:35)
9. Le coup de fion (1:13)
10. M.d.C. (13:56)

Total Time: 50:09

Line-up / Musicians

- Mario Valentino Bram├Ę / drums, percussions, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
- Massimiliano Galbani / vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
- Marco Gusberti / keyboards, piano
- Massimo Necchi / bass, fretless, flute, mandolin
- Davide Pisi / electric and acoustic guitars, sitar

- Marcello Barberi / flute
- Maura Bruschetti / viola
- Francesco Ciech / cello
- Luca Martini / violin
- Daniele Nobili / classical guitar
- Marco Olivotto / vocals, additional keyboards
- Marco Pisi / bouzouki
- Brigitte Raschdorf / german speech
- Stefano Roveda / vi

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