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East - Jatekok ( 1981 )

Nice album of this Hungarian Band. A fine Progressive style with keiboards and very nice guitar arrangements. Lot's of spacey parts that made a very good instrumental context. A good band of East Europe when we can find a litle of Pink Floyd and a litle of Camel. The drummer is in a classic neo-prog vein, with a nice intricate part's. The vocal parts are very nice but is in Hungarian and we do not understand the message of lyrics but they are very harmonic in this prog style. I think that this album and specialy, the 3 first albuns of this band, are a very good adiction of a Progressive collector, specialy a East Europe band in Iron Courtain time, because rock is prohibited. Very good musicians in a hostile environment, that6 create a very nice album that we must to hear with care, valuing the context in which it was create. I like this album and this band and I give 4 stars because the arrangements and the high quality of the musicians, they are worthy. A good album for the East Eorope Prog Fans.

The debut album from one of Hungarys premier progressive rock bands.

"Jatekok" translates as "Game" and is a splendid mix of "Pink Floyd" "Eloy" with a touch "Camel". Only let down slightly by the recording which is a little muffled, but not so the music.

This is an excellent album with fine musicianship / vocals and arrangements which they were to perfect and improve upon on there classic second album "Huseg", but this is nevertheless a great introduction to there music and has much to recommend it.

Check out "Kék-fekete látomás ~ Blue-black vision" which is definitely "Pink Floyd" inspired for sure. "Dark Side Of The Moon" meets "Wish You Were Here" ......well sort of! Also "Nézz rám" which is akin to some spacey "Eloy". Excellent! Review from

A fantastic and most impressive debut , these were one hell of a band - but the best was yet to come though!

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Nyitány ~ Overture
2. Messze a felhõkkel ~ Far away with the clouds
3. Szállj most fel ~ Fly up now
4. Kék-fekete látomás ~ Blue-black vision
5. Gyémántmadár ~ Diamond bird
6. Lélegzet ~ Breath
7. Nézz rám ~ Look at me
8. Üzenet ~ Message
9. Epilóg ~ Epilogue
10. Remény ~ Expectation

Total Time: 39:31

Line-up / Musicians - István Király drums, percussion

- Péter Móczán / bass

- Géza Pálvólgyi / keyboards

- János Varga / guitar

- Miklós Zareczky / lead vocals

East - Kék-fekete látomás - Játékok

East - Nézz rám (Játékok, 1981)

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