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Passport - Second Passport (1972)

Passports earlier albums were the best, as here on there second release. A jazz- rock / Krautrock classic peppered with the exceptional sax work of "Klaus Doldinger".
Every song deserves a description i think, so here goes:

Kicking off with "Mandagora". A lively mix with sax and a great fuzzed bass solo from "Wolfgang Shmid". From here on in we know we are in for a treat.

"Nexus" is more airy and jazzier / melodic with lovely delays on the sax tones then a bass line enters which lifts things up to another dimension. Excellent!

"Fairy Tale" gets down to some krauty funk with the unmistakable melodic lines of "Klaus Doldingers" sax. This really swings and rocks out "Passport" style.

"Registration O" is heavier and "Doldingers" saxwork scorches, while bass and drums work out! The synth and wah bass is great too! This is an outstanding track and quite dark really for this band.

Next up "Horizon Beyond" begins in straighter jazz/rock vein until shifting in mood with more great sax soloing and soon starts rattling along.

Lastly, but not least " The cat From Katmandu" is the most catchiest piece. Those fantastic sax melodies once again shine.

In my opinion "Passport" were and still are probably Germanys finest Jazz/Rock band, if not one of the worlds best too, although they do on occasion get slammed for repeating themselves throughout the course of there numerous albums. Not by me though!

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Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Mandragora (3:46)
2. Nexus (5:23)
3. Fairy tale (7:32)
4. Get yourself a second passport (4:03)
5. Registration O (9:24)
6. Horizon beyond (6:46)
7. The cat from Katmandu (4:38)

Total Time: 41:32

Line-up / Musicians

- Klaus Doldinger / soprano & tenor saxes, electric piano, synthesizer
- John Mealing / elelectric piano, organ
- Wolfgang Schmid / bass guitar
- Bryan Spring / drums

Passport - The cat from katmandu

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