Saturday, 28 November 2009

Eskaton - Ardeur (`1980)

"Ardeur" meaning "Fervour" was "Eskatons" first proper album. Along with a couple of guest musicians the music carries on from there "4 visions" release. Deivative of "Magma" maybe but "Eskaton" puts there own twist on things. With shorter pieces on side one and longer ones on the other, which tie in nicely with the Post Atomique theme..

 Great zeuhl songs here with excellent dual female vocals which recalls in parts "Magma's" "Udu Wudu". Not quite up there with there other releases this is nevertheless a fine album for zeuhl fans from one of the best around.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Ardeur (2:33)
2. Couvert de gloire (4:28)
3. Pierre et l'ange (4:04)
4. Attente (6:38)
5. Dagon (10:07)
6. Un certain passage (6:50)
7. Eskaton (6:05)
bonus tracks from EP
8. Le chant de la terre (6:25)
9. If (4:24)

Total Time : 51:40

Line-up / Musicians - Andre Bernardi / bass
- Paule Klaynnaert / voices
- Amara Tahir / voices
- Gerard Konig / drum
- Gilles Rozenberg / guitar, organ and synth
- Marc Rozenberg / piano fender, acoustic piano
- Patrick Lemercier / violin

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