Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Ahvak - Ahvak (2004)

An extraordinary band from Israel playing an equally extraordinary ominously dark and forboding RIO in the "Univers Zero" and "King Crimson" mould.

Electrifying and devastating RIO at it's best which mesmerizes with it's cutting edge blend of avant/progressive/world/ electric chamber music. Definitely on the darker side but occasionally lighter elements do creep in. Everything besides though, what you get is not only fantastic and awe inspiring music but also a very fine recording to compliment the superlative musicianship.

I hadn't heard this album or indeed of 'Ahvak' until just recently, and i have to say it blew me away completely.

Favourite track is "Hamef Ahakim" which is so much at times like "Univers Zero" from there "Heatwave" "Heresie" album. Very powerfull and imaginitive complexities with lots of sinewy electric guitar, winds, and tense atmosphere with bizzare sounds creeping in and out of the mix while a ghostly piano or organ plays in the foggy distance.The outro is cacophonous RIO in all it's splendour. Wonderful stuff!

So if your a fan of the aforementioned bands, especially "Univers Zero" and also "Present" " Shub Niggurath" and "Art Zoyd" "King Crimson" then this is a must have for sure. An EXTREMELY impressive album which in my opinion excells much of "Univers Zero's" latest material and is one of the few albums i have come across recently which has really made such an impression since the aforementioned bands. A classic!

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Vivisektia (8:30)
2. Bherta (8:25)
3. Regaim (2:41)
4. Ahvak (16:21)
5. Melet (2:53)
6. Hamef Ahakim (13:32)
7. Pirzool (0:58)

Total Time: 53:20
Line-up / Musicians
- Yehuda Kollon / guitars
- Ishay Sommer bass
- Udi Susser / keyboards, woodwinds, vocals, baglama, darbooka
- Roy Yarkoni / keyboards, piano
- Dave Kerman / drums, percussion
- Udi Koomran / computer

Ahvak - Bherta

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