Thursday, 17 September 2009

Peter Frohmader - Bass Symphony No 3 (1984)

As the title suggests this is music played with a variety of basses - The Chapman Stick, fretless and string basses with added coloration from choir and voice. It's amazing what can be done with just the bass!

I have to say this remains one of Peter Frohmaders most atmospheric and chilling pieces to date. With the cover depicting a cemetary in the woods this will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect, except this is not your typical horror type soundtrack stuff.

"Winter Music" is so chilled it will turn you to ice before you shiver to death. Thick fog laden wedges of drifting and cyclic bass tones float around the ectoplasmatic ether while ethereal and ghostly choirs create phantasmagorical soundscapes.
"Bass Symphony No 3" is similar but more bass pulse heavy (and slightly industrial), almost like "Stanley Clarke" on Acid in parts. It also reminds me of some early "Tangerine Dream" "Zeit"

A superb work here and very obscure for some reason. I am lucky enough to have the original LP of this so enjoy the warmer (ah hem!) analogue sounds.

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1 Winter Music (15:03)
Chapman Stick [Stick], Choir - Peter Frohmader
Vocals [Solo Singing], Choir - Birgit Metzger
2 Bass Symphony No. 3 (13:54)
Bass [4/6/8 String], Bass [Fretless], Choir - Peter Frohmader
Vocals [Solo Singing] - Birgit Metzger

Peter Frohmader - Sphinx Touch

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