Friday, 25 September 2009

Halloween - Laz (1990)

A classic in 90's French symphonic rock.

"Halloweens" "Laz" is entirely based around writer H.P Lovecrafts works. So in keeping with the theme this is dark and mysteriously strange symphonic rock which is actually reminiscent in feel to "Pulsars" masterwork " Halloween".

Every song is really great, the only slightly sour point being that the vocals are sung in english and to say the least are very difficult to understand. Lyric sheet required!

Stand outs are " Yule Horror" " Iron Mickey" "Laz" and "Blue Nightmare" which has some excellent drum/percussive work.

If you like your symphonic progressive rock on the darker and more mysterious side ( like me) then this is a must, and especially if you enjoy bands like "Pulsar" which to be honest are few and far between.


Songs / Tracks Listing
1. The Wood (6:48)
2. Waltz (5:49)
3. Just for You (4:43)
4. Yule Horror (6:38)
5. Iron Mickey (6:31)
6. Blue Nightmare (6:42)
7. Laz (9:42)

Total Time: 51:40

Line-up / Musicians - Gilles Coppin / synthesizers, vocals, backing vocals
- Jean-Philippe Brun / violin, guitar, vocals
- Philippe Di Faostino / drums, percussion
- Yann Honoré / bass

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