Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Kerrs Pink - Mellom Oss (1981)

A delightful album by the scandinavian "Kerrs Pink" which comes across to me like a mix of "Camel" "Pink Floyd"and "Samla Mammas Manna" at there best.

Rich melodies and excellent dialogues between keys and guitars etc make for a magic spellbindingly entertaining listen.

The fabulous scandinavian folk sound is brilliantly integrated with rock and although there are some nice vocals it's the instrumentals which are the most impressive. You will hardly hear the mix described better done than here!

The lengthy "Mens Tiden Forgar" is one of the highlights and has some really nice mellow flute passages and soaring female vocals. the later rockier guitar section for some reason reminds me of "Joe Walshes" "Rocky Mountain Way". Cool!

A fantastic band and album.

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Mellom Oss / Between Us (5:36)
2. Tröstevise / Comforting Tune (2:56)
3. Tröstevals / Comforting Waltz(1:02)
4. Östenfor Ord / East of Words (6:06)
5. Hvem snakker til meg? / Who's Speaking To Me (5:29)
6. Elegi / Elegy (3:17)
7. Mens Tiden Forgar / While Time Fades Away (17:17)
a. Dråper / Drops
b. Haven / The Garden
c. Adams sang / Adam's Song
d. Fallet / The Fall
e. Evas Sang / Eve's Song
f. Mens Tiden Forgår / While Time Fades Away
g. Etterspill / Aftermath
Bonus tracks:
8. Marius / Marius (3:16)
9. Parademarsj for Jubilanter / The Last of the Sixth Formers (2:36)
10. Den Siste Russ / Ode to Olga (3:00)
11. Hyllest til Olga / Parade March for Jubilants (1:40)
12. Trömborg Samba / Trömborg Samba (3:27)
13. Fredsmarsjen / Marche de la Paix (3:15)

Total Time: 54:28
Line-up / Musicians Vinyl version:
- Harald Lytomt / guitars, flute
- Jostein Hansen / bass, guitars, vocals
- Halvard Haugerud / keyboards, bass, vocals
- Tore Fundingsrud / drums
- Trond Bøhn / keyboards, guitar contributed on two tracks before he quit.
- Kirsten Hognestad Bøhn / vocals
- Lars-Thore Lande / bass
- Trygve Lahn / violin
- Chris Dankel, family and friends (hand claps and chorus)

Kerrs Pink Live 2002 - Point Blank

Kerrs Pink Live 2002 - Sirrus

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