Thursday, 10 September 2009

Art Zoyd - Haxan ( 1997 )

Although Art Zoyd still survives today, it's main composer, "Thierry Zaboitzeff" is now sadly missing from the ranks ( his solo works though are awesome ) . For me, at least, it was always his compositions which stood out, and no less so as on the conceptual Haxan. Haxan by the way is a rather obscure Danish silent movie from 1922 which deals with witches and the occult. For more info click here.

"Haxan" begins with an excellent long piece by Gerard Hourbette, but as ever
Thierry Zaboitzeffs stuff is the most outstanding. As always this is adventurous and rhythmic / classical / progressive Zeuhl styled music at it's best, with lashings of atmosphere and rather strange vocals to say the least. In fact what we have is about 10 steps on from "Magma" "Present" and " Univers Zero" no less. Highly sampled mostly but totally captivating for sure.

"Haxan" Like there " Nosferatu" soundtrack is another first rate example of there music.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Glissements Progressifs du Plaisir (extraits) (30:42)

- Ubik 1 / Ubik 2 / Ubik 3 / Allez à des moines/ Drama / Ralentando / Ubik 7

2. Nuits (7:26)

3. Häxan Phi (5:37)

4. Häxan Xi (2:10)

5. Häxan Psi (4:25)

6. Epreuves d'Acier (17:57)

7. Marche (3:45)

Total Time: 72:02
Line-up / Musicians

- Patricia Dallio / keyboards, samplers

- Daniel Denis / percussion, keyboards, samplers

- Gérard Hourbette / keyboards, percussion, samplers

- Thierry Zaboitzeff / cello, bass guitar, vocals, keyboards, samplers, percussion

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