Monday, 3 August 2009

Peter Frohmader - Orakel / Tiefe ( 1983 )

Using a wde range of descriptive sound colours The opening " Orakel " sends us on a very mysteriuos trip in typical Frohmader style. Very otherworldly realms are perfectly realized here with it's melange of cyclical synthesizers, drums and violin.

Some zeuhl flavors in here but with much uniqueness,and very heavy on atmosphere which drips by the bucketload. Superb entrancing stuff which is totally captivating.

"Tiefe" is more soundscapish but no less impressive and entrancing than "Orakel".The shimmering synth/ organ / drones are ethereal and dark, and tripped out. A mesmerizingly intense dreamscape that takes one to the far alien recesses of ones mind. I.m reminded of some Tangerine Dream " Zeit!, although this has a different feel to it.

The earlier works of Frohmader are for me his best works. Another ESSENTIAL listen here!!

Songs / Tracks Listing
1 - Orakel
2 - Tief

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