Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Island - Pictures ( 1977)

Hailng from Switzwerland , " Island" played a very dark progressive rock with many intricasies, which definitely on occasion recalls the likes of "Gentle Giant" and "VdGG". The bass playing is quite impressive and the interplay with drums, keys, winds and vocals is excellent. Oh! and there's some Zeuhl in there too!

Of Special mention is the title song which has an uncanny mix of "Magma" " King Crimson" " Gentle Giant" styled vocals and fragmentary canterbury leanings. "Empty Bottles" the bonus song is a fantastic lengthy mostly instrumental jam with bass and drums leading the way amidst the twisting and turning winds and keyboards. This song is rather different to the others.

"Pictures" is quite a rare album these days, even on CD.

All in all a very tight and well played album - there's also a nice "Giger" cover.

Line Up/Musicians
Benjamin Jager - Lead Vocals - Percussion
Guge Jurg Meier - Drums -Gongs - Percussion
Peter Scherer - Keyboards -Pedal Bass - Crotales - Voices
Rene Fisch - Saxes - Flute - Clarinet - Triangle - Voices

Track Listing
1 - Introduction
2 - Zero
3 - Pictures
4 - Herold and King (Dloreh)
5 - Here and Now
6 - Empty Bottles ( Bonus Track )

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