Monday, 17 August 2009

Pancake - No Illusions ( 1979 )

Pancakes third and last album is a scorcher.

More rock based than previous albums but with a more polished and refined sound with touches of "Eloy" , "Jane" and even "Babe Ruth" maybe . Like "Babe Ruth " "Pancake's " "No Illusions" also has female vocals - albeit German accented by one "Biggi Zmierczak"

This is probably my favourite Pancake album which alternates between heavyish melodic / symphonic guitar based passages to lighter moments and many shifts in mood but still firmly rock based , but certainly not your average straight ahead rock. much more progressive / krautrock in that department. Excellent and quite unique sounding really, despite the obvious ELOY comparison and i find the female vocals very nice indeed!

Check out " I Try" ," Autumn Leaves" and the brilliant outro of " Dream Delta Land " for the "Eloy" sound taken to another level.

Once again a completely different line up here with only the original guitarist, who really excels himself on this one!

A fantastic obscurity from a sadly neglected band, of which all albums are really worthy of a listen for anyone into Krautrock / Progressive Rock music. A great pity they only released three albums , which leaves one wondering what delights may have followed !  


Line Up / Musicians

Biggy Zmierczac - Vocals
Ralf Schibe - Bass 7 Vocals
Uli Franke - Keyboards & Vocals
Walter Negele - Guitar & Vocals
Hans Derer - Drums & Vocals

Track Listing
1 - Just Miss your Smile
2 - Fire And Rain song
3 - Dream Delta Land ( Prt 1 & 2 )
4 - No Touch Of Ilusions
5 - Autumn Leaves
6 - I Try

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