Monday, 31 August 2009

Michel - Altmayer Troll Vol 2 (1987)

Altmayer is the drummer of this very Zeuhl sounding album. "Troll 2" features many Magma musicians such as Klaus Blasquiz and Bernard Paganotti. Some might say this is a Magma rip off, but if it is, it's generally a most enjoyable one for sure. The bass dominates almost every track and there's plenty of ( english) Kobain styled vocals.

Highlights are:

"Igor - Dance and Rejoicings" with its Zeuhl bass and strings. this reminds me of Magmas "Ghost Dance" with vocals reminiscent of there "Merci" album'
"BreakDown" - is very fiery and enegetic. A nice blend of zeuhl/ jazz/ rock fusion.
"When Comes the Night" A beautifull song.
"Ankh" - The best track here with excellent strings,piano, vocals and soaring electric guitar.

Definitely an album for Magma fans. Although not brilliant, it does contain some magical moments.

Song/ Track Listing
1 - Igor ( Dance & Rejoicings )
2 - Break Down
3 - ud Ior less Ordek III
4 - Impressions Of Tomorrow
5 - Ankh (Carrousel Delight)
6- When Comes the night
7 - Some words about Trane

Line Up/ Musicians
Michel Altmayer - Drums, Piano, Chant
Nathalie Basset - Violin
Bernard Paganotti - Bass - Chapman Stick
Francis Moze - Fretless Bass
Roger Altmayer - Congos
Stella Vander - Chant
Klaus Blasquiz - Chant

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