Friday, 21 August 2009

Strave - Visions (1981)

A very obscure gem of a record. Definitely for fans of zeuhl music. Not surprisingly really as "Bringolf" was once a stand in drummer for "Christian Vander.

This hearkens back to the early energetic magma style, especially with the vocals and the brass section, but is perhaps more jazzier. We also have here two bass players.

"Vison" kicks off the album with excellent vocals and brass. Super intricate drumwork from "Bringolf" ala vander style, and great guitar work too from "Alain Eckart". This sets the tone for the whole album really, "Plus One" "Plus Two" has great marching drums and plenty of brasswork before exploding into a funky bass and screaming vocals, lurching into Udu Wudu territory. Great stuff, as "Ma Ho Peneta" which follows is in a similar vein, but even more energetic with plenty of fiery sax solos and some frippian guitar.

A really good album then for fans of Zeuhl and jazz/rock alike. Magma fans will just love this one! If anyone has there first album " Strave" i would love to hear it!

Tracks / song Listing

Vision (10:18)
Plus I (2:12)
Plus II (8:00)
Plus III (2:30)
Ma-Ho.Peneta (13:20)

Line Up / Musicans

Bass Guitar -
C. Boussard
S. Bringolf*
Guitar -
A. Eckert* , A. Lecointe*
Saxophone -
P. Geiss*
Trumpet -
D. Petitthory
Tuba -
B. Eck
Vibraphone -
E. Séjourné*
Vocals -
Mano (7)

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