Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Peter Frohmader - Homunculus II ( 1988 )

German multi instrumentalist Peter Frohmader is founder and leader of Nekropolis,a heavy, primitive & dark electronic rock group launched in the late 70's. With several solo works under his belt, some with guest players, Frohmader creates some of the most evocatively haunting experimental/ electro / zeuhl like music, ones likely to hear. Close akin to Heldon , Richard Pinhas and Magma. An eclectic and aquired taste maybe, but if you have it then your in for a treat.

Homunculus II was my introduction to his music, and is still one of my favourites. Starting with heavy percussion and eerie atmosphere , the chills come thick and fast with the pounding drum / oboe/ violin / sax, and power bass sections. A rich dark almost medievil gothicness drips, and i find the synth voices really captivating.There's also some quirky surprises along the way too.

With just two long pieces of everchanging , cyclic, creepy electronica ; frohmaders pulsing bass and Bittova's weird violin work, all makes for one hell of a fantastic trip. Sounds cliched, but the images conjured up here are extraordinary. An esotericly sublime atmosphere pervades.

Quite a unique strange underworldly experience then. If your a fan of horror film music and like really dark instrumental experimental music then this is for you. I could almost imagine this as the soundtrack to ' Carnival Of Souls ' .

Homunculus II is one of Frohmaders more rarer releases and is an exceptional album if your in the mood for something different. Very Highly Recommeneded. More reviews coming shortly on some of Frohmaders other releases.

Line Up:
Iva Bittova Violin
Chris Karrer Violins, Alto Sax, Oud
Norbert Preisler Acoustic Guitar
Stephen Siephel Oboe
Peter Frohmader Bass, Synthesizers

Track Listing:
1 - Homunculus Part III
2 - Homunculus Part IV

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