Thursday, 23 July 2009

Pancake - Roxy Elephant ( 1975 )

Though one of the lesser known late 7o's German progressives Pancake were an excellent Krautrock band who released 3 albums. All of which were different to each other with ever changing line ups. The only mainstay being Walter Negele , guitarist and main songwriter.

Roxy Elephant is is still as fresh sounding today as it was in 1975. This was Pancake at there best which owed its sound and style not only to Krautrock but British progresssive / psychedelia of the era too. Here we have multiple guitars with hard edged rock/ ballad songs peppered with more spacey/psychedelic jams and breaks. The vocals are sung in english and are really good. In parts i'm reminded of some Eloy instrumentally.

Hilight of the album for me is the 13 minute Aeroplane which has excellent high flying dual guitars and great shifts in tempo with lots of dynamics and subtleties. Some Grobschnitt certainly springs to mind here, and just as good too by the way. The title track is also a superb instrumental with excellent rhythm guitars and driving drums/percussion and bass. Fantastic drum solo in there too! A great way to wind up a very underrated album which deserves a much wider recognition.

Overall then, very hightly recommended to krautrock/ psychedelic/ rock fans alike. You also get an excellently recorded and produced album as well. Definitely worth a listen!

Gunther Konopik Drums, Congas, Percussion ( Vocal )
Walter Negele Lead Guitar, 12 String
Tommy Metzger Lead Guitar ( Vocal )
Werner Bauer Bass,Guitar, Triangle,( Vocal )
Hampy Nerlich Vocal

Track Listing
1. Heartfire
2. Rolltreppe
3. Aeroplane
4. End Of The day
5. Remember
6. Longlife
7. Harmony
8. Roxy Elephant

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