Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Alphataurus (1973)

One of the finest of all italian progressives from the classic 70's . Somewhat similar to other bands of the era such as MUSEO ROSENBACH and IL BALLETO DI BRONZO. Keyboards are very prominent in this rich and expressive music, which by the way is much better than there second album although it's still another splendid album. This one though is really a masterpiece and a true italian progressive classic. The complexities jel so well it's quite an amazing listen. Special mention for the vocals which are very fine indeed and you'll be hard pushed to hear better.VERY highly recommended!


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Le chamadere(Peccato d´orgoglio) (12:18)
2. Dopo L´uragano (4:48)
3. Croma (3:14)
4. La mente vola (9:21)
5. Ombra Muta (9:48)

Total Time: 39:29

Line-up / Musicians

- Michele Bavaro / vocals

- Alfonso Olive / bass
- Pietro Pellegrini / keyboards
- Giorgio Santanderea / drums
- Guido Wasserman / guitar

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